Step 7, Day 14

:h4) :h4) :h4)
I just can't believe I made it 2 weeks. YAY!

Now I am healthily and genuinely looking forward to Valentines Day-- I have decided that I will still accept the box of Godiva chocolates I normally get. But what's really exciting about it is that it will likely last me all year instead of 20 minutes lol!!! I'm coming out of my skin with excitement about that... that chocolate is often around me but I am not drawn to it whatsoever. @%*&$&@*&(*#)$*($# AAAAAAAaaaah, so happy :o)

When indulgences are truly that-- something you don't do often-- it makes life more exciting waiting for that moment, something special to be shared with loved ones. I never realized delayed gratification was a part of making memories, of installing markers in your life of special moments with loved ones. I feel so mature to have that perspective now ha!! It's the people now not the food.

It is interesting to be able to look and observe and examine foods with minimal to zero emotional attachment or crave... and the energy I have in my body is surreal. I'm salsa--ing around my office.

I just can't believe I finally made it here. It took foreeeeever and it was worth every tearful, excruciating step. :h7) I hope this high lasts forever... but that may be a little naive ;)