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Hi Martina,

Have you figured out how much protein you need for breakfast? Sometimes if a meal is not holding me, I will increase both the protein and the complex carb. And yes, if I'm doing more physical exertion than normal, I would need a planned protein / carb snack.


: Wow. That sound amazing. I'm on day
: 4, and still having to struggle,
: especially when I'm at work and
: looking to procrastinate. It's
: like even if i've had my breakfast
: with a complex carb and protein my
: stomach calls out for 'something'
: more. I don't know if it's
: psychological hunger or what but
: I'm doing my best to keep it at
: bay. I'm also doing the p90x
: workout (pretty intense dvd
: workout), so not sure if I should
: be eating more frequently, i.e. 6
: small meals throughout the day, as
: opposed to 3 meals? Does anyone
: have a view on this. Congrats on
: your success for day 14 - I hope
: when I get there I'll feel like
: you do!!