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Hi Martina,

One of the reasons I like to ask about breakfast is to make sure you have a really solid foundation. If you aren't getting enough protein, or enough complex carb, it is helpful to increase.

I've never had just egg whites, but I would need quite a lot to get in my protein needs. So even though you are getting some protein from the egg whites, are you getting enough for your body? Do you know how to calculate that? It's a very important part of step 1, so that's why I keep coming back to it.


: I suppose the truth is that although
: I only came upon this site and
: started doing the potato four days
: ago, I've been eating breakfast
: for a long time, (although I
: didn't all my life), and so I feel
: I definitely have that step down -
: the only thing I am doing
: differently with that is taking
: out the agave sugar on my oatmeal
: and egg whites. I've also been
: eating meals, since my workouts
: require me to eat regularly - have
: been doing 3 meals plus a protein
: shake or two and maybe another
: snack. In addition, I have for a
: long time made it a point to
: substitute brown carbs for white
: carbs. My weakness I think has
: been in not seeing how even a
: little sugar for me is a trigger
: to binge on more sugar at other
: times, so despite my seemingly
: good eating habits, sugar was
: always in the background keeping
: me from feeling calm and making me
: have cravings. It was feeling like
: if I didn't have sugar, somehow I
: was missing out, whereas since I
: have come upon this site I am
: approaching it differently - more
: like it is a temptation that takes
: you down a slippery slope,
: especially for someone who is
: sugar sensitive, like myself.
: Hi Martina