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Hi Carrie,
Your story sounds a lot like mine. A whole lot. We have so much in common. I have also sat in alanon meetings. I am on step 1 and trying also to find breakfasts that work. I discovered canadian bacon - oh my - it is expensive but I love it. So far the eggs and bacon and a half glass of shake work for me with whole grain sprout bread. I still have so many questions. I just wanted to welcome you and look forward to learning together.

The breakfast has been a lifesaver for me in more ways than one. Of course the high protein helps me not crave sweets. But the breakfast is a "home," a starting point to return to if I binge. Most of the time in the past I would binge and then go off my program, whatever it was, for 6 months or so. But now I have a home to seek, I have a return spot, somewhere to run to .....ahhhhh....breakfast....and not just breakfast but a big breakfast and I am supposed to eat all this.....and then there I am back on my program. It really really has helped me. I dont have it down exactly right yet. Still working out the kinks. But just that one small step has helped me not crave sweets and to actually look at why I am stressing and what is going on in my brain. Amazing! I have found myself thinking "I dont want a sugar high....I want something better than that" and I go looking for protein. That is not the old me. I am a true sugar addict, growing up on Frosted Flakes right out of the box while watching TV, hours of munching on frosted flakes or corn pops and an unlimited supply of cookies in the freezer. Way too easy for a child.

So good luck with your program. Tomorrow I am having my canadian bacon and eggs again but then they are gone. I like canned salmon also with some mayo and relish. I know the relish has sugar but one step at a time ... and I use very little. Ohhhh so much to learn.

: Hi there,

: My name is Carrie. I'm a 44 year-old
: mother of nine. I received the
: book Your Last Diet last
: night.

: I have read the book through the
: first step. Sugar addiction
: describes my situation very well.
: I have been on an emotional roller
: coaster for many years. I thought
: I must be mildly bipolar. I have
: just been too embarrassed to check
: into it.

: I hope and pray that this is the
: solution to the insanity in my
: life. I am already a breakfast
: eater, but I have a very light
: breakfast. It is hard to let go
: and think that I can eat 3 eggs
: for breakfast and keep my weight
: and cholesteral under control, but
: I'm going to trust the program.

: I look forward to connecting to
: others but am trying to force
: myself not to be obsessive about
: this process. My hope is that
: today is the start of a new
: me.