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Joy dot: watching an osprey eat a fish up on a utility pole yesterday

Hi and welcome. If you are just starting out, don't worry about snacks - all you need to work on is breakfast. There are 4 parts.
enough protein for your weight
a complex carb
within an hour of getting up
every day

Then eat what you want for the rest of the day.
I needed snacks for quite a while, even after I got to step 3. But I worked on my meals, had planned protein and complex carb snacks, and gradually my blood sugar settled down and I didn't need them unless I was more physically active than usual. But that will all sort itself out as you do the steps.

Have you found a breakfast you like?

: Hi there everyone, I'm new to this
: "sugar addiction thing".
: I identified myself as an
: addictive person many years ago
: and stopped drinking in 1992. But,
: evidently I replaced one addiction
: for another, sugar of course. So,
: I have a question that I'm sure
: someone has asked MANY times
: before , but here goes..... how do
: you deal with not eating in
: between meals, I get so hungry
: because I have gotten myself into
: the habit of eating 6 meals per
: day and now..... I'm starving !
: Help ... please ! Thanks for all
: the help I can get :)