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: Hi raedr
: great question!

: have you got an edition of Potatoes
: not Prozac?

: theres a great bit in step 3 chapter
: where Kathleen says something
: like...

: "First I say no snacks
: and then I write how good snacks
: are and say DO snack...." and
: then it explains why

: (as soon as I find where Ive put my
: book :h6) I will look up the right
: quote for you )

: learning how to have 3 meals a day is
: part of learning not to nibble
: inbetween, and to listen to our
: bodies needs. But when I started,
: my blood sugar was so volatile, I
: needed snacks to steady me.

: this was a big deal because I had
: been trying to "Last
: through" between meals and
: 'white-knuckling' for many years

: After step 3 though I found I could
: let a morning snack go. Then I had
: an afternoon snack for years
: because I ate a bit later in the
: evening than my body was happy
: with - this was due to work/family
: stuff.

: step 7 now and circumstances have
: changed so I dont snack as a rule
: - but I am always listening ,
: because if I have a busy day or
: lots of unusual physical demands
: then I do still choose a planned
: snack ( ie: protein/carb. planned)

: so its fine about your 6 a day right
: now ( one may even think of it as
: 3 meals and 3 snacks??) ..... just
: think on breakfast for now.

: Step 1 ... have you got ideas for
: your 4 parts?


: Good to see you here! :h12)
Thanks for the warm welcome ! It feels great to have someone ( actually a lot of "someones") to talk about such touchy subjects and know that no one is going to laugh or make you feel stupid ! I bought all three of the books and have not received Potatoes .... yet, I have read the other two, I guess that's a little backwards but it fits me to do so ( I read magazines from the back to the front too !) I HAVE managed to do the 4 steps fro breakfast, that's fairly easy for me cause I like breakfast ! I have a little harder diet than most. I'm allergic to all nuts, dairy, tomatoes, peanuts, chocolate and eggs and I'm ONE OF THOSE WEIRD ONES.... a VEGAN ! SO, I have quite a challenge at eating the right diet balance on this plan. It's kind of hard to face shell beans in the morning but I usually have quinoa, tofu and some sort of a veg or fruit every morning , like clockwork ! I'm working hard on making this work and I've lost 8 pounds in 3.5 weeks. It's starting to feel like you all are talking about, things are clearer and less fuzzy throughout the day. I'm sure it will get easier. If there are any restricted vegans out there, I'd love to hear how you do this ! Thanks for the help and I'll keep fighting just like you all have ! Keep up the good work !