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first of all, good work on the 4 parts of breakfast. Let us know your favourite ones.. Im not vegan myself but interested to see what you come up with.

Glad someone else reads magazines backwards. :h6) And I started with YLD :h10) my favourite 134 PnP

" it may sound as if there is a contradiction here. First i say "Avoid snacking" then I recommend it. let me clarify. The best option for sugar sensitive people is to eat 3 meals a day at regular intervals without snacks in between. When you eat three regular meals and dont "graze" you teach your addictive body the new behaviour of starting and stopping. However i am a practical woman. I knwo that some people wont be able to eat that way. Thats why I present the other option of snacks with protein. It is better for you to know you have another option if you have to use it. This food plan is designed to support you in finding what works for you, not making you work for it."

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