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focusing on lunch/cauli and seed mustard soup

right now, I have a challenge or two going on in life and so I know that one thing that will really really help is keeping my food nice. This means being attentive :h11)

and that means that I can be concerned for others,be practical but not go into a biochemical fret about things

One thing I have to make an effort with is lunches. I am very keen on eating on time ( because my body LOVES that).... and sometimes I get a bit lazy and think, well its half one, wont matter if theres no green or what if I grab this bit of lettuce? :h6)

but it does matter :h10) Specially in times of stress.

So I had some cauli in the freezer and a recipe put by to try and today I made this -

it was very nice and even better I have enough to reheat for the week. Ive got some in the fridge and another 2 servings in the freezer, so now I dont have to think all week. I am the sort who doesnt mind the same soup for a week if its nice. Today I had a corned beef hash with leftover potato to go with, speedy. :

adapted from the mail on sunday


25g/ 1 oz butter ( I used a slosh of olive oil)
olive oil
2 onions peeled and chopped
400g/1lb 5 oz cauli ( I just threw in the bag)
800ml/1 1/2 pint chicken stock ( I used 2 Knorr cubes and filled the saucepan as far as was comfy)
3 strips lemon zest ( used a potato peeler - well got to use the peeler for something :h6) )
sea salt
2 heaped tsps grain mustard

heat butter with olive oil and brown the onions for 4 mins till glossy in large saucepan

add cauli and fry a couple of mins, stirring.

add stock, lemon zest pinch salt, cover and simmer low heat 10 mins

puree in liquidiser ( I did hand held blender) remove zest first ( I didnt I like it lemony) Reheat in pan and stir in grain mustard

honestly it was less bother than opening a tin. I love freezer cauli in a soup,( prefer fresh as a veg though :h11) ) but so convenient and the price is better too often as not

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