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: Is it possible that a person that has
: been diagnosed with
: just be a SUGAR ADDICT?

: :h5) Curious George at work! Thanks!
: Cathy


this is a great question...

These diagnostic terms are developed to describe *behavior*..

Bipolar symptoms present as mood swings - the person is high and focused and then slips into depression and immobility. Can sugar addiction cause that? yes. And I honestly believe that if a preson is sugar sensitive and unbalanced, it is very difficult to get an accurate bi-polar diagnosis. I have worked with many people who have had a BP diagnosis whose symptoms all went away after step 7.

that said, BP disorder is real and needs to be treated with medication. I have also known people who decided for themselves that they didn't really have it, went off their meds, and spun into some pretty scary territory.

The same goes for ADD. We have many, many people who came in with that diagnosis, did the program and discovered that their brains were quite normal when their food was balanced.

This is also true for generalized anxiety.

Does this mean you should just decide you are a sugar addict and don't have these diagnoses? Absolutely not :h11)

It means you do the program, learn the steps, work them in order and then when you are on step 7 you talk with us and your doctor and review what meds, if any are appropriate for you. The medical model is based on using drugs. But YOU are the person in charge of deciding what is going on for you. If you are out there on sugar, alcohol or drugs, you wont be able to do this so well.

hope this helps,