Re: How did you move from Step 2 to Step 3?

Hi Bevy,

Congratulations on wanting to move forward! Have you checked out the step 3 list yet...or taken the step 3 class? I bet you would get lots of helpful tips from both.

For me, the thing to watch out for when changing moving to another to make sure the previous steps remain consistent. If they flounder, it probably isn't time yet.

Dinner was the first meal I tackled on step 3. The reason I chose it was because I had such wonky blood sugar....and a hard time eating in the morning. I knew getting dinner stable would probably help with the difficulties of breakfast. So for me, the first step was choosing what meal to work on!

Have fun!


: I've been feeling very solid on Step
: 1 and have been breakfast-ing (all
: 4 parts) for about 8 weeks. This
: Saturday will mark one month of
: journaling. I'm starting to
: consider Step 3 and I'm curious...

: What are the signs to look for or the
: questions to ask myself to know if
: my Step 2 is solid? (It 'feels'
: solid to me - I do it every day
: throughout the day. It feels
: comforting to collect data. I
: haven't done much in the way of
: review yet, other than the
: exercise in PNP where you look at
: times and patterns of eating. I've
: read here that the real learning
: from my journal will come later in
: the steps.)

: When it comes time for me to start
: Step 3, I'm not really sure where
: to start. It feels a little
: overwhelming. Will you share any
: suggestions or experiences? I'd be
: really curious and happy to hear
: from you all what kinds of
: nano-steps or approaches you've
: taken with your Step 3.

: :h9)
: Bevy