Re: Beta endorphin spiking and 4 day crash

Hi Jeffrey,

If I do an extra big exercise session or a different exercise that is challenging that can give me a "high" I can often have an emotionally and physically low day with cravings three or so days later. The day I do the exercise I seem to be "high" and a little big racehorsey and get by not eating as much or not enough to make up for the extra exercise which probably contributes to the crash too.

Also if I don't eat enough for a few days the same thing happens.

This has all evened out for me now though as I have been doing the program longer (and not trying to limit what I eat) and the amount I need to eat to satisfy the craving is definitely less that it used to be.

What about you?


: I read a post about beta endorphin
: crashing after 3-4 days. I seem to
: get this all the time, even post
: sugar detox. I am perfect for 3-4
: days and then the last night crave
: sweets big time. I then stuff
: myself with extra browns and nuts
: at dinner. Thank goodness not
: sugar!!

: How can I find more info about what
: is going on here and manage the
: cravings?
: Jeffrey

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