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Isn't it possible that jaw tension has nothing to do with sugar sensitivity, though? Or are you saying you didn't have this problem until starting the program? Do you have TMJ? Tension headaches? I'm not sure if something other than stress can cause these, but I have both TMJ and frequent, severe (incapacitating) tension headaches. Just commiserating. It sucks. I wish you relief.


Does anyone have issue with stress or
: tension in their jaw?. I am
: following the steps and food plan
: correctly ( I think), but
: sometimes I get this awful tension
: thats in my jaw, usually my lower
: jaw but sometimes in my upper or
: both. I think its related to too
: much protein without enough
: browns, but cant seem to zero in
: on it Along with this I feel
: stress and irritated impatient.
: But it doesnt last too long, it
: starts about an hour after eating
: and ends maybe an hour later.
: Thanks for any comments.
: marion