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Hi Nancy
I had this procedure a few years ago. I think the hardest part for me was those few low fiber days because most of what I eat was on the list of things not to eat. I can't remember what I ate, but I do remember that I called to get clarification on what I could and couldn't eat, because the instructions I received were not very clear. I suppose it didn't occur to them that people would be eating a lot of the things they don't want us to eat.

On the day of the actual fasting, I had broth for my meals, and in between I sipped water with a little apple juice in it. I was supposed to mix Miralax into Gatorade for the final prep, but of course that wasn't an option for me. I used a powdered electrolyte drink made by Alacer, the people who make emergen-c. It has dextrose and some other sweetener in it, but doesn't taste very sweet. Also, if at all possible, stay home on the day you are fasting, or at least don't play anything very demanding. I fasted on a Sunday, but my husband and I went to Sam's Club and suddenly I was totally overwhelmed by the noise and people and started to shake because my blood sugar was low, so he took me home. I also find that when fasting, sleeping as much as possible or just lying in bed watching TV (time to catch up on things you want to watch) is best because it burns less energy.

When I went for the procedure, I brought a protein shake along, which my husband gave me when I woke up from the procedure. I spent the rest of the day resting, and had simple food like chicken soup. I had no major biochemical blips after the procedure, and all in all it wasn't as bad as I had feared.

: Hi everyone

: I have just been scheduled for a
: colonoscopy, and to prepare for
: this I need to be on a low fibre
: diet for 4 days, and then only
: clear fluids for a day. I'm
: somewhat concerned about how this
: will go for me, as this is totally
: against everything we learn on
: radiant recovery. Has anyone else
: here experienced this? If so, how
: did you handle it?

: Nancy