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Hey Katie,

Interesting observations and yes, I have come to understand that so many "negative" aspects of myself are actually there to benefit me somehow. They just need to be understood in their proper context -- as trying to help me, but being just a bit overprotective.

Sounds like you are developing a lot of self awareness and I'm sure that will be a great help to your program.


: Hi Maria!

: Don't you hate that negative voice?

: I just had a long talk with my 17 yo
: son who told me all about his
: negative voice. I felt so bad to
: hear he is struggling with it
: also. I imparted my wisdom of how
: I have dealt with it over the
: years but the truth is, I have
: that daily voice that I have to
: quiet down.

: I read somewhere that this inner
: critic comes from early childhood
: experience but I don't really
: agree. I think it comes from a
: pre-historic time when our brains
: needed it to survive. Then I found
: this in the Huffington Post
: "humans were designed to be
: keenly aware of negative
: circumstances and consequences as
: it helped our ancestors
: survive." Bingo! Yes, I agree
: with this!

: That doesn't make it easier to quiet
: but it helps to understand that no
: one did this to us. It is how we
: are hardwired. When my mind goes
: negative, I hold up my hands to my
: face and say stop, or picture a
: stop sign in front of me, or tell
: myself that I don't want to listen
: to myself right now and will deal
: with it later. All work to some
: extent. Maybe I should name that
: voice. Establish a relationship
: with it. Tell it that I am not
: disgustingly overweight and will
: never be attractive. What does
: that voice know about me? LOL.
: Arguing with myself.... I might
: call my voice Vader or Darth
: Sidious... someone on the dark
: side. And use The Force to keep it
: quiet!

: Keep posting, I would love to hear
: what you have to say!

: Katie