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Ive had it most of my adult life, I remember it most when I was in college and under a lot of stress. During that time I didnt pay any real attention to my eating and seemed constantly stressed, and my jaws were under tension, seems like I needed to massage them. Since then, I noticed it off and on, and rarely lately, but just wondering if there was a relationship, like in the book it states certain conditions or feelings were attributed to your blood sugar being out of wack. I was just wondering if there were others, hoping that its simple like, add carbs or add protein, So I will just pay attention more closely and try some changes
But, I have been under more stress lately and that may be the cause.

Also I will check on the tmj with my dentist next time I go. I do have a cross bite, that has been discussed, and decided surgery was an option, that I chose not to go with. Fortunately its not terrible or constant.
Thanks for the suggestion

: Isn't it possible that jaw tension
: has nothing to do with sugar
: sensitivity, though? Or are you
: saying you didn't have this
: problem until starting the
: program? Do you have TMJ? Tension
: headaches? I'm not sure if
: something other than stress can
: cause these, but I have both TMJ
: and frequent, severe
: (incapacitating) tension
: headaches. Just commiserating. It
: sucks. I wish you relief.

: :

: Does anyone have issue with stress or