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: Thank you for your encouragement,
: Allison.

: Although I am currently revisiting
: step 3, I actually detoxed many
: years ago.

: On the low fiber days I can have all
: the cooked veggies and meat that I
: want. I know I will miss the
: browns.

: On the fasting day, the laxative I am
: supposed to take contains
: Polyehtylene Glycol, Magnasweet
: and sodium saccharin among other
: ingredients. These are the ones
: that look like sugars to me.

: When I expressed my concern to the
: nurse, she assured me that she was
: an RN, and if my blood sugar
: issues were as bad as I claimed, I
: should have been hospitalized for
: them. Obviously didn't understand
: where I was coming from.

: I suppose I will just have to do what
: the clinic told me and see what
: happens to my blood sugar. The
: worst that can happen is that I
: may have to detox again, right?
: Thankfully, they have booked me
: for an early morning appointment,
: so I don't have to fast as long.

: Sorry, I don't mean to be sounding
: negative. I'm just telling it like
: it is.

: Nancy


I would simply do what you have to do and not worry about it. You will feel horrible for a bit and then you will be fine.
Just be functional.