Re: Jaw Tension

I have TMJ. I personally think it's only stress related. I remember as a child, the first bite of food I took in the morning, I felt an intense burning pain in my jaw that I had to pause several seconds to let pass. That was an intermittent experience growing up and thereafter an infrequent occurrence. As an adult I studied classical voice and discovered that my jaw wasn't properly aligned which interfered with producing a free sound and that I was clenching my jaw as I slept and other times. I had also discovered on my own that I could no longer bite into an apple without popping my jaw out of its hinge. Today, I can no longer chew gum, or anything which produces too much stress on my jaw, like grinding too many raw almonds. The worse it ever was, I decided to chew gum and couldn't open my mouth for several days.That's my story of stress. I wonder that you experience discomfort after ingesting certain foods? Perhaps that area of your body is going through healing of some sort. As I pay close attention to my body's response to foods and events, I wonder how many different things are and have been affected by what I am eating, thinking and experiencing. I also wonder if a pain or discomfort is the body's healing response, i.e. a good thing, like feeling pins and needles in a foot that's waking up after falling asleep as circulation returns to the affected appendage.You could try massaging your jaw muscles and consciously relaxing. At any rate, I hope you have some relief soon.

Wishing you a relaxed jaw,