Hi Everyone!
This is my first post. I have been on step 1 silently for a few months. I know it's time to move on to step 2 and I will very soon (I'm not good at journaling). I was wondering.. In reading the website there was a page that said to get the amount of protein in the morning for step 1, you should use a max weight of 200, but then I read the book, and it says to use 250 as the max weight. I'm not sure which one I should be doing.
But also, my doctor sent me to a dietitian and they put me on this structured diet with so many of each things a day. I tried it, and I'm stinking at it. I miss my protein in the morning! I'm hungry by 10am, and when I was doing step 1, I wouldn't need lunch until between 12 and 1. They have me on 70 grams total a day protein, and I'm struggling on it.
So anyway, my thought, I just go back to what I am comfortable with(PnP), stick with the 7 steps, pull up my stubborn pants, begin step 2 and learn to make journaling a habit.

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