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Thank you, all.

I've mostly done breakfast well this past week. Had enough protein, my brown, and was on time. (Except today).
I have to figure out how the timing will work for me. I have to take medication one half hour before eating. If i do it before, I can easily go over the time for breakfast if I am not careful.
If I do it later, say mid-morning, I sometimes forget to take it.
It's easier to hit breakfast right away, so will have to work on remembering the meds.
I have had diverse breakfasts this week: eggs, sausage and 100% grain toast, with coffee and cream, shakes with whey, spinach, berries and other things, or a few days I've had egg/cheese or egg/bacon/tomato sandwiches, supplemented with cottage cheese to make up enough protein.
I do find the amount of protein I have to have a little daunting.

Lou Lou