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April 4, 2016

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It is lighter in the evenings now. It keeps disorienting me about time. My rescue named Granny is not at all perturbed. She knows that at 5:10, it is dinner time and she comes and barks. How she knew after the change in time is beyond my brain.

I spent a week with a cold and being really tired. Things are moving back to normal and regular life. The lilacs are blooming, my neighbor's yard is awash with spring flowers. Was reading a great book last night and stayed up late. Reminded me of my childhood.

We are having so much fun in coaching designing individual goals and setting out plans for forward movement. I love when things *click* and people just go for it. I am looking forward to the hormones class. A lot of you have gotten older, LOL, and it seems to be an interesting topic these days.

Please note, I am adding the discussion of the group lists back into the newsletter. I am not sure all of you know these are here for your use.

This class will begin Wednesday, April 6, 2016. Please Signup and it will take you to the registration page:

Radiant Hormones

I have had a number of people talk to me about getting help with the great hormonal shift of menopause and peri-menopause. I spent a long time researching material for you and then distilled it into a understandable and clear curriculum. Come do problem solving and get great answers.

These classes will begin Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Please Signup and it will take you to the registration page:

Radiant Step Two - Skilled

A group for people who have mastered beginning journal skills in Radiant Recovery® and would like to expand their knowledge of review and journal use.
Fitness for Weight Loss

A class for members of the Radiant Recovery YLD program who wish to refine and integrate their fitness plan into their overall weight loss plan.

Check the class list page for more information on how the classes work. See the the Class Schedule here.

Be sure to visit our Radiant Recovery website and Community Forum regularly.



**Quote From Kathleen**

You are telling your body it is important. You are noticing what you are eating and what you are feeling.


**Testimonial of the Week**

I have been taking a hiatus from the computer to take care of a shoulder injury. but i feel moved to share about my 4th anniversary on this program.

When I read SARP, it was the first time I had hope that I might not be permanently broken and un-fixable. I had been bingeing almost daily since I was 8 years old. I stole money from my mother's purse to buy food and hid my "empties" under my bed. Pounds and gallons and boxes and bags of food. I grew up feeling pretty much constant shame and inadequacy.

When I got older, I read everything I could about emotional eating, stress eating, fat as a feminist issue, eating to fill the "hole in the soul"...I thought I must have the biggest hole anyone had ever seen. No matter how much work I did on my emotional issues, the eating continued. I would always eat to the point where I felt stuffed and sick, and then I would wait until my fullness abated so I could cram some more in. I was overstuffed and undernourished all the time - it is impossible to experience pleasure from food in that state!

As I got older, I could only vaguely manage my weight by compulsively exercising (then I had 2 monkeys on my back - food and exercise). Still, I was always moody, always 20-50 pounds overweight, and could never stay at one weight for very long. I had no sense of what a balanced life might feel like.

I began with breakfast. I did not set a timetable for my program, and I took extra time with step 3 and step 5. I just wanted to be out of the prison of compulsive eating.

Today, I am still a work in progress (of course!) but I no longer binge. I am no longer a compulsive exerciser. I am at a healthy weight. I no longer have multiple sizes of clothes in my wardrobe. These things didn't change my life, though. What changed my life was the biochemical healing that allows me to feel that I am living the life I am meant to live. There is ever-growing patience, kindness, gratitude, and happiness in my life. It all started with breakfast.



**Our Online Groups**

Perhaps you are steady on the first five steps and contemplating your sugar detox. Or you may already be on step six but struggling. You may be wondering why you are bored or restless, since sugar detox was supposed to solve everything--wasn't it? Or maybe you'd like to share your excitement about reaching this milestone in your program. If so, come join us on the Step 6 list! We offer support and encouragement in achieving a successful sugar detox and in holding tight until everything settles down afterward. We are learning more all the time about this fascinating step and how profoundly it transforms our bodies and brains.

Or come to the group page to see all our groups.


**Radiant Recovery® Store**

Here is a post someone put on the forum about our customer service. It made me smile and certainly made David feel proud. I think the quality of our customer service reflects the commitment we both have to serving you. I know that there are some items you can get other places. When you take the time to purchase them through the store, you are making it possible for us to have our website. The store supports us both and allows us to give you this kind of service (smile). And I think the feeling of caring goes both ways. We love you as customers, and you seem to reciprocate!! Thank you.

I just made my first order last night from the RR store. I made a comment about the shipping price. I am a spoiled amazon prime girl and I was sad the products weren't available through amazon. This morning I got a personal call from Kathleen's son explaining everything. I was in shock! How extremely kind and considerate. I have been blown away by the business you two are running. I am so grateful for Kathleen's personal attention with my questions on the forum (something I NEVER expected), and now from her son on my purchase. As my husband said when I told him, "Mind blown."

You guys could not be more awesome!!!

Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. *virtual hug!*

I just wanted to talk about our Prime membership service. I am glad you are liking it. If you glossed over it, come see what you are missing.

PRIME status means that you will receive a preferred price on many of the items we carry in our store. The store will offer many items at two prices, a regular price and a PRIME price (right below, in red). The PRIME price is close to 10% off a large number of the items we carry. Not all items have a PRIME price. If you have an "ACTIVE" subscription (not on hold or canceled), you will qualify for the PRIME prices at any time you make a purchase. You will also notice that we have lowered some subscription prices as well. If you select the PRIME price and are not an ACTIVE subscriber, you will be charged the regular price at the time your order is processed. The PRIME member will not need to remember a discount code or password to get the benefits of being a subscriber/PRIME member.

Please send questions and suggestions. I love hearing from you and truly want to help you do your program better.


**Radiant Kitchen**

Here is another recipe from Maggie. I have made this and can tell you it is YUMMY. And I don't even like cauliflower!


  • 1 head cauliflower
  • 1.5 tsp dried tarragon
  • 2-3 tbsp FRESH lemon juice (depending on how big the head of cauliflower is)
  • 1 tbsp lemon zest
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
Preheat oven to 375. Line a jellyroll pan (cookie sheet with sides) with aluminum foil. Wash and break cauliflower into small florets (easy to do - just take the knife and split flowers at their base). Spread across pan. Drizzle generously with EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Stir/toss carefully to coat the cauliflower. Roast in oven for about 25 minutes until it looks golden and feels tender when speared with a knife. Halfway through the cooking, stir/toss again so that there is even browning. While the cauliflower is roasting, use a lemon zester to scrape off the lemon zest into the serving bowl. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze in the lemon juice. You can also finely mince shallots and throw them in at this time (YUM). Put the tarragon in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together, letting the powdered tarragon fall into the bowl. Whisk in some olive oil (maybe a tbsp). When the cauliflower is done, add it to the serving bowl and turn the cauliflower over numerous times to blend the dressing and the caulflower. Salt and pepper to taste.
For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store and visit our online Radiant Recipes site.


**Radiant Your Last Diet**

Two different questions, two different answers. (I'm a long-time 7- stepper and I'm still fat. )

What you didn't ask is, am I healed from bingeing after 40 years? YES. I feel like I'm still in the honeymoon period from the happiness of that.

Sounds like you think "the problem" is fat.

For me "the problem" is addiction, and a side effect is, it made me fat.

NOW that my addiction is quieted down, to take off the fat, I need to tweak my food and exercise, to re-deploy the pounds I gained while bingeing. And I am. But since it takes a while, I am yes, still fat. And gasp, sometimes I take a break from that and coast.

I could do it faster if I wanted to do a "weight loss" plan that included food deprivation or punishing exercise. I truly honestly don't give a rip about that desperate rushing any more. And when I adopt a plan that includes moderate exercise and moderate food changes, then it goes more slowly.


If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here


**Radiant Living**

It's funny, we have said over and over that Radiant Living is where we talk about *life* rather than food. Last chat we started talking about vegetables. Do you suppose life *is* food, LOLOLOL?

If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here


**Sometimes It Is The Little Things**

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

I put this out every so often because I love it so much.

We ask people what has changed since they started the program. I think you will love this list as much as I do.

  • I don't have to go into the handicap stall in the public restrooms.
  • I can fit into almost any booth at restaurants.
  • I am no longer defensive about my eating habits.
  • I enjoy smells differently.
  • I have more energy.
  • I am able to love.
  • I feel God closer than ever.
  • I have lots of new friends.
  • I eat food for fuel.
  • I celebrate the real meaning of the holiday.
  • Just yesterday, I noticed that I have collar-bones.
  • I smile.
  • I wear two sizes smaller in shorts.
  • I love my husband unconditionally now.
  • I really LIKE looking at flowers.
  • I enjoy my granddaughter more every day.
  • The sunsets are more magnificent than ever.
  • I am able to listen in church with a calm understanding.
  • I appreciate the air.
  • I have been able to forgive.
  • I don't have swelling in my ankles and legs anymore.
  • My dogs don't aggravate me anymore.
  • I don't smother when I lie down.
  • My triple chin is now a double.
  • I marvel at the whole Creation.
  • I can think clearly.
  • I am not embarrassed to swim in front of anyone.
  • I no longer need a seat belt extender.
  • I only weigh when I feel a loss.
  • I thirst for knowledge and actually seek it.
  • I have let go of some of my perfectionism.
  • I no longer HAVE to have sugar after each meal.
  • I read EVERY food label.
  • I no longer beat myself up for a mistake, but go and learn about it.
  • I WANT to grow old.
  • I care more deeply for other people.
  • I get a pedicure now and then (used to be a big hangup).
  • Negative control is not as strong as it used to be.
  • I crave those cool evenings relaxing in my porch swing.
  • I can fit in most wheelchairs.
  • I don't have to have the largest hospital gown anymore.
  • The birds chirping have become quite beautiful.
  • I love eating "YLD Healthy Foods".
  • I have become ONE with my local health food store.
  • I am proud to answer "those questions" about my food plan.
  • I love knowing that this programs works.
  • I love helping my family understand about fuel for their bodies.
  • I can hardly wait until the Christmas Season.
  • I look at professionals with admiration, instead of a threat (huge hangup).
  • I care about my fingernails.
  • I am much more organized in my housekeeping.
  • I park farther from the store.
  • I hum a lot.
  • I WANT to exercise.
  • I have learned it is ok to set goals.
  • I no longer consider myself on a diet, but I am on a LIFE PLAN.
  • The sun seems brighter.
  • I can ASK for help without the guilt.
  • I can see my feet when I stand or lie down.
  • I no longer expect myself to fail with my weight loss.
  • I can tie my shoes without cutting off my oxygen supply.
  • I can also tie my shoes in the middle of my shoe instead of to the side.
  • I can say "no".
  • I crave green things and feel good about it!
  • I like cottage cheese.
  • Fresh air makes me feel alive.
  • I can cut my own toenails.
  • I can wear a smaller bra size.... smaller panties too.
  • I have so much more energy.
  • I have less PMS.
  • I don't worry about what people think about me.
  • I don't feel helpless anymore. Even if things are not going my way or I have a slip, I know that I can help myself.
  • Cinnamon is delicious without sugar.
  • Corn is sweet.
  • I wake up in the morning now (no more "10 snooze" mornings!).
  • I look forward to my warm oatmeal every morning.
  • I don't hide "forbidden food" all over the house anymore.
  • I don't sneak the wrappers out of the house so my husband doesn't see the evidence of last night's binge anymore.
  • I wear shorts because I like my legs even though they haven't made it to their full recovery yet.
  • I can fall asleep when I go to bed.
  • I can play with my children after dinner since I no longer feel comatose from eating huge white meals.
  • I feel *whole*, steady and real.
  • I feel.
  • I'm just plain happy and I can't put my finger on it.
  • Things that would have freaked me out before don't anymore.
  • Three months ago my protein was in my ice cream, wasn't it?
  • I've figured out that this is about life changes, not just about food.
  • I realize my life has more out of whack in it than just food".
  • After fighting exercise and the journal so long, they have become incredibly important to me. Feel frantic if I've left my journal home.
  • The journal is my home.
  • I am a size smaller but have only lost a few pounds.
  • The "girls" (my chest) are a size smaller.
  • I love shopping at the health food store. Shoppers are so much nicer there than at sugar stores.
  • I've gotten used to packing two meals a day.
  • I am very slowly gaining confidence in handling the feelings that the bingeing covered. Feelings really won't kill me, they do pass and generally teach me something. Sometimes the journal helps me catch feelings before I binge them temporarily away.
  • I have finally taken responsibility for my own life after feeling abandoned by others.
  • I no longer feel suicidal about turning 50 this Nov. Sometimes I feel that my life is just starting.
  • I have reduced my anti-depressants by 25% in agreement with my doctor.
  • I don't feel dirty, worthless and physically ill from bingeing nearly as much.
  • My office no longer does doughnut runs every afternoon. The communal chocolate drawer is gone. I don't miss either.
  • My food slips are more often portion explosions than sugar/white binges.
  • I think my fist is shrinking. (HA!)
  • I have returned to my art hobby and am having a blast.
  • I'm not afraid of going to a family reunion this September much heavier than the last reunion.
  • I don't go shopping now unless I really NEED something. I think I used to go shopping to feel better (raise by BE's).
  • My PMS symptoms have almost vanished.
  • I actually enjoy wearing pants with a zipper.
  • My migraines are gone - along with much of my fibromyalgia pain.
  • I don't feel like I'm hanging on to life with my fingertips any more - I have a much firmer grasp - and it's good!!!
  • I've gone through really tough times and had the clarity of mind to make wise and thoughtful decisions.
  • I don't apologize for making my food needs known - I've gotten REALLY good in restaurants (remember how Meg Ryan ordered in the movie "When Harry met Sally"?)
  • I have reduced the amount of alcohol easily and don't crave it like I used to.


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