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June 13, 2016

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Here are Vermont cows eating green grass. I bought their butter for breakfast. I have farm-raised eggs for the morning. We went down to the Coop for some *provisions.* It is a small town and All of Jennifer's people stopped to say hi. I was wearing my This is grace unfolding sweatshirt and 3 different people commented on it.

This afternoon I sat out on the weathered deck with my daughter's four-month-old Bernese puppy. He chewed on sticks and I watched the cows. Later I took a nap while my daughter and her friend went walking down to the apple orchard.

I am resting from the presentation over Friday and Saturday at The Graduate Institute. It went really well. They were thoughtful, curious and we had a lovely dialogue. Lots of sons dealing with gaming addiction. I think I will be doing some work on the neurochemistry of that.

Resting is good. It is very, very quiet here...except for the insistent squeaky toy with a duck sound from its belly and a mouse being bitten from its head LOL. But happy puppy sounds are not intrusive. Tomorrow I will just spend the day being quiet.

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Blood Sugar

I want to summarize for you the material I have been learning about the unusual things that can affect blood sugar. I started talking about this material in Chats and I thought it would be fun to be able to give you some in-depth material. I want to outline what happens, and what we can do about it. This class will be especially helpful for those of you who are diabetic or pre diabetic...and even more helpful for those who are weight loss resistant (WLR). Come learn more about the little *step child* of our three parts to sugar sensitivity.

This class will begin Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Please Signup and it will take you to the registration page:

Using Radiant Resources

This class will teach you all the ins and outs of the resources in the community. You will learn to navigate the community forum, learn how to use the resource center, check out Radiant Ranch, and learn your way around the website. You will be on your way with an invaluable resource in your pocket!
Brain Chemistry: Beta Endorphin

Learn how this chemical affects your self-esteem and why your capacity to cope may be directly related to your beta endorphin levels. A fascinating look at the part of the story that is most crucial to sugar sensitivity.

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**Quote From Kathleen**

The relationship between your food and your quality of life is powerful.


**Testimonial of the Week**

Excited for you!

I have been exercise resistant my whole life, but a few years ago... 6 I think(?) I started off in a small way doing a 15/15. Fifteen minutes out and fifteen back. I posted about it on the movement list. This had an effect of tuning me in far more to my body.

I don't think walking does much for me weight wise, that's maybe a personal thing, but it pays real dividends in well-being. These past three months I have been doing an hour walking a day. It's funny, I have about seven routes to choose from, and I always choose the same one !! I amaze myself because I think I detest routine, but then I go and do... routine. I think that's a nudge from my body

I find my exercise dvd a good thing.. been doing that about five years now. Yep, same old, same old. I only mention this because our libraries do free dvds, exercise ones. So I took out a bunch to see which one I liked, and then bought that one. (most were totally impossible LOL).

As for food, I never go anywhere without my pack of almonds for just in case. But, never needed them on my walk. Well, actually, if there's been a snack in my history I tend to have it before I think I need it. Because if I think I need it I've gone too far. But I think I have settled enough to not need snacks these days.

Hope you really enjoy your self, you will give us an update, won't you?



**Interesting Bits of Science**

We will continue this by popular demand, but I have to get home to prepare your next *bit*


**Radiant Recovery® Store**

Because I have gotten so much feedback from wearing my sweatshirt, I am going to offer them to you all again... So here are the new T-shirts with the new logo and new tag line. They were a HUGE hit at Ranch. I wear mine all the time and have people stop me everywhere to read it. They are comfortable and well sized and we LOVE them. I even ordered sizes up to 4XL :).

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**Radiant Kitchen**

Fruit and Ricotta Dream

I think this is the best breakfast in the world.


1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, 1/4 cup ricotta mixed together until creamy.
Then add 1 cup strawberries or any other fruit.
Add 1/4 cup grape nuts.

This recipe was contributed by Kathy R. from the Radiant Recovery Community Forum.

It's heaven!!!

Well, the verdict is in on the fruit-ricotta dream. It IS just that A DREAM!! I followed the recipe, but then kicked it up a notch by adding about a half tsp of vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon.

I used frozen strawberries, but this would be wonderful with any frozen fruit such as raspberries, blueberries or bing cherries. bananas and/or kiwis would be good with the strawberries as well.

I could see freezing this stuff for our own 'radiant' sherbert.

But the kicker is - I couldn't wait for it to freeze (it looked too damn good), so I added some ice to it and made my own SMOOTHIE!! something that I feared I had to give up for good. Not so fellow pnp/yld'ers.

I don't remember who originally submitted this one - but thank you, thank you, thank you! She also suggested adding grape nuts to it as a breakfast item. I don't have any grapenuts, but I am gonna try adding 'nutletts' to it for breakfast.

This gets 2 THUMBS UP from me.
For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store and visit our online Radiant Recipes site.


**Radiant Your Last Diet**

This is the place to bring your fears, joy and conversation about being overweight....of being afraid of being overweight, LOL. Or come and explore how you use not eating (restriction) to feel better or to cope with stress. Really, underneath it all, the conversations in chat are just amazing. And the dialogue on the list is so supportive and concrete.

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here


**Radiant Living**

I have had several people ask me what Radiant Living is really for. Basically this is a place for ongoing dialogue about what Step 7 living is about. It is where we reflect on our yearning to go beyond. We want to find equanimity…we want to explore what it means to *want* radiance…to define what it means for us. Step 7 brings a settled peace and silence in the mind. If you are not on step 7 and want to join, you can come and listen...if you want to participate, you have to act like you are on step 7, LOL.

If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here


**Reflecting on Teenagers**

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

Kath sent this note to one of our lists a couple of years ago:

This is a warning to all you people who currently have the kitchen available to make your own breakfast in a timely fashion. If you get your children making their own breakfasts, you might have to be even more diligent about watching your breakfast is within an hour because the kitchen can become busy with kids becoming self sufficient!

I have 4 teens. They all do the food. They are all independent breakfast getters, making and eating their own when they wake, getting themselves packed, lunch planned and made, all in the backsack, and off to school whether they are starting early with concert band or choir, taking an excursion, or a normal day.

And when I come in from work, at about 5pm I am likely to be sat down, while they make something for me to eat, before I am allowed to make dinner!

What a wonderful life


This post really stopped me cold. I remember these kids from a while ago. They were all on ADD meds and the household was more like what we tend to think of as a house full of teenagers. We have a picture of what adolescence has to be. But what if that image is not about adolescence, but about the food.

Think about it. Mood swings, outbursts of anger, power struggles, bickering, slamming doors, pouting, self esteem in the gutter, grandiosity overflowing, whining, crying, feeling ugly, fat, out of control, testing limits, being belligerent, having a smart mouth, not wanting to do school work, only wanting to do school work. We think self absorption and angst. And yet listen to what Kath is reporting.

Now that did not happen in a week or a month....but that energy gives me shivers. That energy is the dream of every one of us who has children. You may think it is a dream that is beyond you. Kath is a regular person. She started the program with the same stuff going on that you have in your life. And she just did the food. And she did the food with her family. They didn’t buy in in the beginning, they didn’t agree or like it. So Kath worked on herself...and took small steps.

When I started off with this food stuff, I thought it was about healing sugar addiction. I had no understanding of the depth of what we were learning. Our community has taught me that the healing that the food brings is way beyond healing sugar addiction. It literally rewires brains and changes relationships. And as those happen, it streams all around and everywhere. I don’t talk about that part much. Who would ever believe me?

I am going to put together the stories. I know that many of you are connected on the lists, the forum and in the classes and you hear these changes. But many of you are not. And you may not know, or you may forget or may not believe the power of what we are doing.

Focus on the food. Your life will change!


Thanks for reading! If you know someone who could benefit from this, feel free to forward it to them.

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Until next time!
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