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September 19, 2016

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Well, that astounding moon in the early of the morning has been pretty breathtaking. I love the September full moon. It always feels so sacred. I hired someone to clear all the weeds from my back yard, so now the space is singing with joy. It feels all scrubbed and rubbed and makes me smile.

It has been a very nice week. I have been writing and thinking. My cousins came to NM and we had a lovely visit. Funny thing about family, time just doesn't exist. I was sharing with someone about *cousins* and then made a comment about how hard family dynamics are, and I realized that this is not my experience. It is just a source of joy...thinking about the fact that our mothers were sisters and we have the same grandmother. It is pretty nice, actually.

I am getting all set for Euroranch in just a few weeks. I think we are all pretty excited about that.

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**Quote From Kathleen**

If you slip, don't spend a lot of time or energy beating yourself up, just pick up the program and get going again.


**Testimonial of the Week**

I have spent a lot of time in the quest for ultimate knowledge and understanding, only to find that my thinking was convoluted beyond any prospect of a definitive answer being circuitous and tortured.

Simplicity really is key for me now.

However expansive Kathleen or anyone gets, the message is the same once you can hear it.

I might agonize through the intellectual contortions we are prone to and I'd produce a long and deep and heartfelt post only to get a brief reply cutting through all my largely tangential concerns.

Believe me, the *stuff* that makes up the majority of any of my lengthy expositions is resistance. It's *yeah but yeah but* all the way and the words smother and comfort in their poetic validations.

*Just do breakfast* doesn't quite do us justice. It's too easy for us. We want to go into fantasies about it and set up adversaries including ourselves to do battle over it.

The struggle ends as soon as we get the oneliners. Honestly!



**Radiant Recovery® Store**

Verena wrote this after a class. I am not sure that you all know how often we send stuff overseas. But we have learned the art of getting them there quickly and through customs. I love learning these skills. It is funny, the people at the post office ask me questions about shipping. They love what I know and we enjoy trading tips.

Dear David,

Thank you. I learned a lot. Am very happy about enzymes (they really work!!! It's wonderful!), flavorings (yum), George's Restore (likewise), the Blender Bottle (quick and easy), Omega 3 (allergies improving)... pretty much everything I've ordered. It was great to learn about it in a systematic way. Thank you!

Also, delivery within the US is really quick. I was very happy about that as I arrived here 5 days after ordering and found my package waiting for me.

Best wishes to you and everyone


Please send questions and suggestions. I love hearing from you and truly want to help you do your program better.


**Radiant Kitchen**

Chicken Curry Salad


  • 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 large stalks of celery
  • 1 medium tart apple (I like Granny Smith)
  • 1 green onion
  • 2 TBS chopped walnuts
  • 2 TBS sugarless mayonnaise 1/2 to 1 tsp. lemon juice
  • curry powder to taste


  1. Cook the chicken breasts (steam, bake, grill, etc.).
  2. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces.
  3. Chop the celery and onion. Core the apple and chop in bite sized pieces.
  4. Combine all of the above in a bowl with the walnuts.

In a small bowl combine the mayo, lemon juice, and curry powder. I use about a teaspoon of curry powder but I like it strong. The more curry powder you use, the more lemon juice you will need to thin the dressing. If you aren't sure how much curry powder to use, start with a half-teaspoon. You can always add more, but you can't take it out if you get too much.

Put the curry mixture over the chicken and toss with a fork to coat everything. Chill for at least a couple of hours. I chill mine overnight.

2 servings.

For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store and visit our online Radiant Recipes site.


**Radiant Your Last Diet**

We did a chat on *diet head* that was sort of a watershed for many of us. It is not really about diet head, per se, but about a new way of being in relationship to our fat selves. We have looked at this in many ways over the years, but something shifted. I find it amazing that the place for this great shame for so many of us is becoming this well of joy.

Here is a wonderful quote from Ramona:

Wednesday’s chat was amazing. It is still sinking in for me, taking a while to process. Last night I suddenly realized what is my diet head’s strength – learning. She learned all the ins and outs of dozens of diets, she learned enough about nutrition that she could probably get a degree. She learned enough about exercise to be a personal trainer. She (I) was constantly learning new things in the never ending quest to be thin enough, beautiful enough, healthy enough, good enough, lovable enough. When I was exhausted and just wanted to give up and check out of life, she was off learning another new thing that would save me.

She knew! She knew doing the food was the answer. She just had the wrong question.


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**Radiant Living**

I think if you read the article this week, you will hear about what *radiant life* is…these are the things we talk about.

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**I'd Never Have Believed**

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

I like to share this one from time to time. I never tire of it.

I'd never have believed you if you'd told me...

Posted By: Marina

Well, I type this from the comfort of my sickbed, since I have a Happy New Year virus and am feeling lousy today. Nothing much has changed since Step 7 in how I cope with being ill. I am still an abysmal patient who thinks she is dying of the bubonic plague rather than the common cold. But this is my first cold in 18 months, which is miraculous for someone who always averaged 4 colds a year. I will also grudgingly admit that this one is a lot milder than those I am used to.

I was just reviewing my journal, and to cheer myself up, I thought it would be fun to reflect on some of the post-program changes that I simply would not have believed until I experienced them. Some stuff I expected. VAGUELY feeling better. (How could I feel worse)? Maybe bingeing less (Again, how could I binge more?) Feeling a fraction less crazy (as before, do you see a pattern emerging here?) LOL. But I didn't expect a great deal beyond that. So fast-forward a couple of years, or one year if we're talking Step 7. Here in no particular order, is my list of big and small surprises.

I would never have believed you if you'd told me:

That my taste buds would be the main part of me to undergo dramatic and wholesale rehabilitation. When I started SARP I was not keen on 85% of foods, and keen on about 15%. Generally those that came laden with fat and sugar. This ratio has now flipped over, and it happened so gradually but it still takes me by surprise how many flavours I can taste now.

That I would feel satisfied at the end of each day, not hungry and dopey and spacey and hurting like dieters are so used to feeling. That I would go 17 months without a sugar binge. The longest before that was 4 days. I counted. The binges stopped when I finally quit playing coy flirting games with Step 3 and well... shamelessly threw myself at it.

That after an initial gain on Step 3, my weight would stabilize for the first time ever. That I would lose 2 dress sizes over a year without really trying. But note to newbies: this happened INCREDIBLY slowly. I don't weigh myself any more, but I'm guessing about a pound a month. I know it's different for everyone, and I wasn't really overweight, but fluctuated crazily and very unhealthily. That my beloved tea could ever feel good without the caffeine, and taste sweet without the sugar!

That I would pass my degree, when for 3/4 of it, I had been on course to fail.

That I, who am Not A Responsible Person, could act as an executor for a close family member, tying up all their legal, financial and business affairs pretty much single-handedly. That in the process I would research investments and learn about money and find it fun and empowering, as well as useful for a time in the future when I'm earning enough to invest on my own behalf.

That I would complete a one-month teacher-training course consisting of 18-hour days that I honestly thought would kill me!

That I would have energy all day long, not for a brief window between 11:30am and 3pm if I'm lucky.

That I could ever, ever, EVER be A Morning Person.

That I would buy my first bikini, and start wearing skirts for the first time since I was a little kid.

That I could buy chocolates for someone else, and my mind would actually go blank trying to figure out what brands or flavours might be the best. One kind of connoisseurship I am astonished and glad to have gotten rusty in! That paying for said chocolates, I would feel completely detached, like I was buying yarn for a knitter friend, deluxe nut roast for a vegan buddy, or something else that Other People Do. That I didn't have to buy the chocolates at the last possible minute before handing them over, to stop myself from eating them instead.

That I would become more emotionally honest, and be grown up enough to deal with the consequences.

That I would really, really want to travel. I just didn't feel that same curiosity before I began to heal.

That I would find a career, even two parallel or successive careers, that I am seriously interested in pursuing.

That I would form several great new friendships this year, which have delighted, nourished and inspired me. Previously I averaged one every couple of years. I am so excited about the new people in my life and what they've brought to it.

So, would anyone like to join me on this thread? I would love to hear about the things YOU would never have believed either.


Posted By: Delse

Hi Marina: What a great post. I have been detoxed since March, 2005. Here are some of the changes I never expected: (also in no particular order)

That weight would stop being the most important reason to do this program -- healing became much more important. I spent 30 years worrying about weight, and that wasn't the issue at all.

That I could quit alcohol, coffee and diet coke, and not only still have a social life, but have a much better social life.

That I could get through the day without deep fatigue at 3pm. Now I flow through my days.

That I could quit biting my nails. (a 40 year plus habit that simply stopped one day this summer)

That I could be kind, rather than cranky on a regular basis.

That I could calmly and rationally run my business, and not let others get me too emotional.

That I could meditate. I never could slow down enough to do it, now I can't live without it.


Posted By: Chloe

I would never believe I would stick with a job. I always quit when things got hard. Or I didn't like something or.....you get the picture. Along those lines I moved a lot. Didn't like neighbors or area or whatever, I moved. Now I stop and try to work things out and plan before I move.

That I would reconnect with family that I had removed myself from. I now have healthy boundaries. But am able to be with some of the ones I never thought I could.

That I could give up sugar. That I would stop bingeing. That I would stop wanting sugar. That I could actually heal.

I find it almost a miracle that I don't obsess anymore.

That I can concentrate on tasks.

That I can read and comprehend what I have read. School was so hard, now I understand why.

That I would learn to keep my mouth shut. (I am still working on that one. But as I do the food and steps it gets better).

That I actually think before acting. Impulse control is in my life!!!

That my ugly friend irritability is gone. It only surfaces now when program is off. It used to be a big awful part of my day.

Thank you Marina it was good and fun to reflect on these things.


Posted By: annnyc42

Great post Marina, I also have had many things happen to me in the past four years that I never would have believed.

I now have normal blood pressure, and no longer take medication to keep it in control.

I no longer get killer migraine headaches.

I no longer get backaches.

I have just patched up a relationship with my aunt, after not speaking to her in about thirty five years. I also reached out to another friend who I didn't speak with in several years.

After healing I can let go of the anger.

I am happy, centered and focused. Life is good and it keeps getting better.


Posted By: mosaic

Great post Marina! I loved reading. Morning person ?? Out of everything, that is what impressed me most! I loved your whole report but if you can get me to be a morning person I shall put the flags out.

Yet.... in 7 months.... I have gone from dragging myself in a sort of coma, out of bed, unable to speak for an hour at least, to actually waking just before the alarm. Still have to drag self out, but progress.

I would never have believed it that I could go for months without obsessing over my weight and getting weighed three times a day, clothes on/off/lean forwards/get on very slowly/jump off/etc.

I would never, ever believe that I would give up caffeine or wine. Still vaguely miss it but feel heaps better mentally without.

Only a couple of things that I don't quite believe yet, but I will soon, and I'm reminded of - the Red Queen, isn't it?? - "I always believe six impossible things before breakfast " LOL we CAN believe our impossible things *after* breakfast, there's a thought.


Posted By: Lis

Hmmm, what an intriguing thread. Let's see... When I read Potatoes Not Prozac almost 5 years ago now, I would have never believed

That I could not only go a whole day without crying, but weeks, months and years.

That not only would I stop loathing myself, but that self-loathing would go away all by itself, without any effort on my part.

That not only would this program change the way I eat, but that it would do things for my inner self that therapy, books, programs, seminars, groups, affirmations and even medications weren't doing. things like my depression evaporating, becoming emotionally stable, not feeling victimized, feeling empowered and strong, being able to face things even when scared.

That I would ever LIKE vegetables!

That I would learn to cook

That I would continue to cook, even through mistakes, because the alternative (eating out) was becoming less and less appealing.

That I would learn about ingredients, fill my cupboard with spices, and enjoy the process.

That some important relationships would heal, largely because of my own healing.

That my sleep would become regulated.

That I could easily and painlessly wean myself off of caffeine.

That I would go from being almost incapable of getting through an 8-hour workday because of emotional pain, exhaustion, blood sugar fluctuations, and inability to concentrate or focus - to being able to go back to school while still working full-time.

That I would complete my undergraduate education as an adult while still working full-time, hellishly hard as it was, and do really well at it.

That my spiritual life would start to heal, with no overt efforts on my part, and that my spirit would start to open up and search.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. The incredible thing is that, even just ONE of these extra changes, in addition to not having terrible, overwhelming compulsions to eat more Cheetos and Snickers, would have been an unbelievable blessing in my life. That I've instead experienced all of these changes, and there are many more to come - I can feel it - is almost unfathomable. This year I resolve to re-connect with the forum. As Kathleen has changed my life, I want to be able to hold out my hand and offer a little light and hope to someone else. What a blessing this community is in my life


Posted By: Rebecca

Marina, Great post! I'll pitch in!

I'd never have believed that I would stop drinking red wine.

And I'd never in a million years have believed that I would end up more relaxed and open to people in a social situation as a result!

I'd never believe how much I can eat and maintain my weight! (WW had me convinced I got to eat v. little)

I'd never believe that I'd feel as happy in a relationship as I do now, and that I would consistently FEEL my emotions.

That I could get to the point of listening to my body where I could just ask what was wrong, and start hearing answers.

Thank you to Kathleen for all of your amazing research and hard work. It's paying off dividends for so many!


Posted By: Janice in Md

Hi Marina and everyone, Great thread. Here's what I would not have believed doing the food would do for me.

Self-loathing, gone.

Hurt, disappointment, regrets, guilt held on to from forever, all gone. Just melted away with radiance.

Dark, intrusive thoughts that I couldn't control also gone.

Endless brooding and chatter in my head, gone. I have peace.

And the best one, I am happy. I understand what happy feels like. I had thought the main reason for my misery was the circumstances of my life. I thought the circumstances would have to change for me to experience happiness.

And here I sit, same husband, kids, house, debts. Same life. Yet it is a totally different life. And I am happy. Still blows me away to think about.


Posted By: Elaine

that I would stop reading diet articles, attending "diet clubs," and stop dieting altogether.

that I would stop using artificial sweeteners.

that I would find carrots, sweet potatoes, herbal teas, and--yes--even broccoli (!) etc. sweet-tasting.

that I would stray from my ideal eating-plan and return to it before pressing the binge button.

that I would maintain an un fluctuating weight for years.

that I would be able to see such a clear connection between what I eat and how I feel. ?that miracles do happen.


Posted By: Jackie

In Response To: Re: I'd never have believed you if you'd told me... (healthier)

I am not far into the program but I can say that I no longer am suffering from migraines. In fact, I called the doctor to ask if I could be taken off my headache medicine since I have discovered that they are caused by too much sugar and artificial sweetener. Life is good without the headaches.


Posted By: beth

I never would have believed:

I could go YEARS without eating M & M's:)

I could stick with anything more than just a few weeks

My weight would be the same for over a year ( I'd like to loose but...)

I would start my own business and make it work

I could grin (inwardly) when my kids melt down Knowing what is behind it

I could not cave in to other's expectations and criticisms of my food choices, even on special occasions

I could see my faults for what they are and not want to die because I was/am imperfect

I could actually CHANGE

I would rather plan than "wing it"

I would take piano lessons just because I wanted to

That sugar...sugar could cause such havoc

That I could LOVE, FORGIVE, EMPATHIZE with and MISS my deceased alcoholic father

I could STILL wobble sometimes with all the great effects of staying steady!

I would check in online nearly everyday for years, give up sugar, caffeine and bread..... and not think I'd joined a cult!

I could be free of sinus infections for years at a time and on and on


Posted By: Kath

That I could leave depression and it's medications behind. Migraines and those meds, and medication for ADHD, and so could all 4 of our children, and still have them achieving well, in fact better, in school.

That I could understand why so much of my irrational unreasonable behaviours and feelings happened, and feel kindly, compassion and gentleness.

That I could respond rather than react.

That I could laugh so much and be genuinely glad. That knowing the theory and understanding it and applying *most* of it I could sabotage myself and take so long to get to where I am now, where I knew I wanted to be all along. And still be kind to myself!

5 1/2 years after first being loaned Potatoes not Prozac, I am a much happier lady!


Posted By: Jeannie Orcas

That I would listen to people instead of thinking about what I would say next, or wondering what they were thinking of me.

That sugar and whites would have no charge at all for me.

That I wouldn't use my circumstances as a reason/excuse to limit my life.

That I would be fearless and bold. Risk-averse, timid me. Bold.

That I wouldn't live from one wild enthusiasm to another. That I could patiently build a skill.

That I would have so much hope.

That I could feel so connected to people I haven't met in person.

That my food obsessions, depression, and anxiety would heal.


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