Dec 5, 2016

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Thank you all for your feedback on the newsletter. It seems as if the primary glitch was that those of you who use Outlook as you mail program got an edition with the article squeezed over into 1/4 inch on the right. A combination of our tech person and the folks who provide the email service concurred that it was a tag problem in Outlook. Bear with me while I learn our new system and can learn the adjusting. Sorry we were late this week, my learning curve is slower than I expected.

It is ironic that I received almost simultaneous notifications in my email about Pentatonix singing a new rendition Halleluljah and the Army Corp of Engineers denying the continuance of the pipeline in ND. Both were comforting. The whole situation in the North feels very symbolic to me. It seems fascinating that when the veterans made the decision to *stand with* the protection of the land something shifted. It very personal for me. My father was a Vet in the Air Force, and I have worked with the Native people at White Earth in MInnesota - something that shaped me on a deep level.

I spoke in chat last week about what my colleagues in the brain world have taught me about healing brain trauma. Start with that which is most settled, not most traumatized. Lead with your healed places and let your healing flow into the wounding. I feel strong that this means we *do the food* and the better we are able to do that, the better we will be able to *hold* the pain and the grief so many of us have been immobilized with. And this does not mean seeking perfection - only seeking willingness and attention. And it does mean, we simply do the food at whatever level we are working. On step one, we just work on breakfast, on step seven, we go back to basics to hold our struggles.

A few reminders. I have been having continuing conversations with the community members who came to Euroranch in Salisbury. It confirms the joy we all experienced there is streaming into lives. Ranch is life changing. And I am bringing the same curriculum I used in the UK back to Albuquerque in May. Don't forget the early bird special for the Spring Radiant Ranch here in New Mexico this May. it is a pretty big discount to register early.

If you are pulling your hair out about the holidays and your program and the food and whether you can do this, we can always do some problem solving together. Come to the community forum, come to chat if you are a YLD member or a Radiant Living Member, or set up a consultation with me. We have something to suit everyone.

And finally, it is that time of year for me to ask you about participating in supporting Golden Retriever Rescue NM. This is the other part of my life. This year was a hard year for me with dogs. I lost my own beloved Ronan and rescue had many dogs who were sick or really compromised. A lot of money went out and not a lot came in. We owe our vet a lot of money so I am reaching out to the community for support. I figure that you would love to be a part of this process. I have a new volunteer who helped set up a campaign at . Or you can stop by to browse through the dogs we have placed.
Upcoming Classes
This class will begin Wednesday, December 7, 2016. Please Signup and it will take you to the registration page:

I know this is short notice for the grief class, but so many of us are in pain I think it will be a good choice.

Healing Grief
We will explore how to come to reconciliation about the loss of people or animals or places or things that are dear to us when we are choosing not to anesthetize ourselves. It will be about letting go, grieving deeply and letting pain wash through us without having to *do* or *take* something. Come learn about *complicated bereavement* and how it relates to what many of us are going through right now. This class will go longer than 2 weeks...we will go slowly and take time for healing.

This class will begin December 14, 2016

Using the Resources of the Community Please Signup and it will take you to the registration page:

This FREE class will teach you all the ins and outs of the resources in the community. You will learn to navigate the community forum, learn how to use the resource center, check out Radiant Ranch, and learn your way around the website. You will be on your way with an invaluable resource in your pocket!
Just stopping sugar doesn't work. This is about healing your brain.

Testimonial of the Week
Well, what a difference a year and this program makes! Friday, I had my first parent-teacher conference with my 6 year old's first grade teacher. All she could say was how wonderful Renee is, how well behaved and happy. Flash back to last year when I left the parent-teacher conference crying my eyes out, having been asked if anything was going on at home because Renee was acting out, belligerent, rude, easy to tears...

Last year I was severely depressed and stupidly thinking I was hiding it from everyone, I was thick into my sugar as was my daughter. It was last December that I found this program, last spring that I started the steps, this past summer that I started working with my daughter. I am only on step 3 and only starting with my daughter, but LIFE is GOOD! I have no doubt this program has changed our lives for the better. My daughter is happier because I am happier and steadier - she is ss and feeds off my moods. She is steadier because her food is steadier. She used to get served cookies and punch for "snack" last year in kindergarten - I have no doubt this affected her everyday. If I knew then what I know now... A few weeks into school Renee asked me if her days now were shorter than her school days last year. I said they were the same, she said she couldn't believe it, that last year the days seemed to last forever and now the day flies by. My dear daughter is happy and we are blessed by this program.

Thank you, Kathleen!!!
Very Warmly,
Radiant Recovery Store
 This morning I started a new journal. Of course I use Your Body Speaks. I couldn't help myself. I have to give you a personal blow by blow. The cover is heavier and the pages are bright white with heavier paper. No dog ears for us now! And it has this gorgeous spiral binding. I know, I know you can think I am nuts, but these things make me excited.

So I decided to go through it as if it was the first time.
Here is what I found:

  • A list of the steps. I never get tired of them.
  • A list of balanced physical feelings and unbalanced physical feelings. I like to go and check on which fit me on a given date. I do it in different colors. It is intriguing. Then I could up my score. Steady food means high balanced, unsteady means low unbalanced. How amazing!
  • A list of balanced and unbalanced emotional feelings. My goodness, are they on target.
  • The charts of the signs of imbalance and the signs of balance.
  • Protein values in a typical serving. If you want to know how much protein in cottage cheese or an egg, it is right in your journal.
  • A list of white things, brown things and green things.
  • The grams of sugar in a number of fruits.
  • A list of sugars by other names.
  • A hundred ways to raise beta endorphin. 
  • A place to record your exercise.
  • A place to record your gratitudes and commitments.
  • And, of course, a place to record your food and feelings.
  • And then, my very favorite....a list of things to reflect on about the changes in you since you started. If you want to know what radiance means, check out this list. It is awesome and you won't find it anywhere else!
  • Come get a journal! 

Please send questions and suggestions. I love hearing from you and truly want to help you do your program better. 
Radiant Kitchen


3 cups oat milk (or regular milk or other milk substitute)
3/4 cup millet
1 tsp. salt
1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
1 ripe banana, pureed in food processor or blender
1 tsp. alcohol-free vanilla extract
Bring oat milk to a boil, add millet and salt and cover. Simmer on low for 40 minutes. Turn off heat and leave sitting for 30 minutes. Add the coconut, banana and vanilla, stirring well. Pour into 6 custard cups and serve hot or warm (do NOT serve it chilled - yech!) 


For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store and visit our online Radiant Recipes site.
Radiant YLD
Radiant Your Last Diet in an online program is based on my book, Your Last Diet! It is the only weight-loss program especially for sugar-sensitive people. It addresses YOUR unique body and brain.

The first part of the program works on healing your addiction to sugar by balancing your blood sugar and raising your serotonin and beta endorphin (brain chemicals associated with addiction) and then walks you through a four-phase process to lose weight permanently. It will totally stop the pattern of yo-yo dieting.You are a diet expert. It is time to convert those skills into a plan that heals.

The 4 phases of Your Last Diet healing are:
  1. Weight Loss Readiness
  2. Healing
  3. Action and Weight Loss
  4. Staying Steady
This membership gives you everything you need to succeed at weight loss. There is NO failure in this program. There is no pressure, no stress, no yelling in your face. We think of this as a program for The Biggest Winner! Your program will include:
  • People who understand and mentor you
  • A dedicated list on Yahoo with my personal participation
  • Access to a dedicated chat that I lead. It is held at 2 different times each week so it is accessible to people all over the globe
  • Access to classes specific to weight loss
If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here
Radiant Living
Some of the old timers wanted to know where to talk about their process. They wanted to have a place to share about *refinements* and *life enhancements*. We have support for depression and cooking and fitness, but nowhere to look at *life* stuff. The logical option is Radiant Living. It is kinda the *after the steps* place.

If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here.
Changing the Food Changes Everything

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

I wrote this in an earlier newsletter. I think it is a good read for today too.

Albuquerque has a mountain to the East. It rises more than 10,000 feet. I see it out my windows. I watch the light change on it all day, every day. In the morning, the sun rises over it, in the evening, the moon comes up. At dusk, the sun in the West casts a purple light that lasts just a short time. The mountains light up. Sometimes I just sit in a chair on the front porch and watch the light moving on the mountain at dusk.

I have a poster that I have had since college. It says:

The mountain moving day is coming.
I say so, though others doubt.
Only a while the mountain sleeps.
In the past
All mountains moved in fire.
Yet you may not believe it.
Oh friend, this alone believe,
all sleeping women
now will awake and move.

Yosano Akiko

I went to college in the late sixties. It was a time of great turmoil and awakening. Women at that time were breaking out of old expectations. When I started college, we wore girdles and white gloves and had dorm mothers. Half way through, in the summer of '68, we came back and nothing was the same. Many of my friends were angry and taking action. I was reading South American educational writing called the "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" that talked about teaching literacy in the context of meeting people where they are. Teaching through meaning. I was writing an honor thesis about awakening the spirit of the person yearning to be whole.

I was not in the streets those years. I was at home with infants. I dropped out of school and did mother things. When my children were tiny, I was a single mom going back to school and working full time. I was sleeping still in the demands of regular life, learning how to manage raising children, having a new career in public health, thrashing about in creative sugar sensitivity. That would mean the same things you all struggle with - mood swings, bouts of angst, bouts of brilliance and hope countered by despair and inadequacy. Not knowing about the food shaped everything.

I had framed that poster. I always had it in my bedroom. I never really knew why except that it comforted me about that time in my life when everything had seemed so, so possible. Then I came to New Mexico and the mountain was there. The deepest part of me was stirred and I said, *I need to be there* and arranged my life to make it happen.

The mountain spoke to me with her majesty. I felt as if her roots went as deep as her peaks. This made no rational sense. I was a woman of the sea. There was no ocean here, just that big rooted mountain sitting over there to the East. So I just did regular life, sitting here at my computer facing the mountain, answering email, connecting with all of you. And our community started to root, down deep like the mountain.

We learned to trust our recovery, to trust one another, to trust this life so different from the old one. A life of peace and wisdom and humor. A life that is funny and connected and caring. You came to an annual seminar here. We called it *ranch* and even though it was held in a regular life little chain hotel, the mountain magic stirred you too. People said, *Well, what is the agenda anyway?* and I would say the official things because I couldn't really say, *come and meet the mountain please.*

The mountain moving energy is now breathing us. It is a like a big rock that does not move no matter how things change around it.

I had wondered about sharing this with you. Wondered what it would be like to tell you the story the way I am living it. Do I share the inside part and let you see what is beneath the story of the author writing about potatoes? Do I reveal that the story is bigger than just what you eat? That changing the food changes everything?

I think changing the food means we see mountains, we feel mountains, we become mountains. 

The mountain moving day has come. 
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