February 19, 2017

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My time in Florida has continued in a slow, leisurely pace. I went and saw my first manatee. Manatees are marine mammals who look like 1200 pounds slugs with darling faces. They are related to elephants and have tiny little snouts. They eat huge amounts of vegetables - close to 100 pounds a day. That is a lot of vegetables! And even though they are huge, they are not fat. We looked up and found they have big stomachs because they are filled with a lot of intestines to digest all those veggies. You can google to learn more about them.

I also went to a Chagall exhibit and saw beautiful stained glass windows. And attended a special lecture by an author from Camaroon who was speaking about the relationship of the small story of our lives and how it connects with the big story of the world around us.  These are all things that would not be part of regular life in Albuquerque.

Now I am visiting with Angella who many of you know from the Parents' list. We are having fun talking and eating lots of vegetables. LOL  It feels synchronous with Manatee life.
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Coaching for Weight Loss

This is a new offering for people who are serious about losing weight and would like to have ongoing coaching. We do an individual assessment to sort out exactly where you are in the process. You will be guided in making your own individual plan. You can learn about journaling and adjusting your food for weight loss - what to do when. You can look at things to do to start while you are actually working the steps. This is not Boot Camp. You will be given tools and shown how to use them.

The fee is $20 per week and is billed in 2 week intervals. It is an unusual opportunity to work directly with Kathleen to be liberated from your past diet history. The signup is under the *special* tab on the classes page.

This class will begin February 29, 2017

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While I have been in Florida I have been doing some research to work with my Sister-in-Law who was recently diagnosed with reflux. I found the research so fascinating that I decided I would pull together a class to share the information I found with you. I know that we have a number of people in the community who deal with reflux.  Delving into the story with a nutritional perspective was fascinating. And having time and space for reflection meant I could really explore. Those of you who have been around for a while know that these new classes can very very exciting because I can pull pieces together in a way that traditional medicine often doesn't do. I wanted to know *why* reflux happens and what were the options to heal it.

Even if you don't have the usual symptoms of heartburn or regurgitation, you might have what is called silent reflux which manifests as hoarseness or coughing after eating. Or even if you don't have reflex yourself but someone in your family does, I can tell you that you will be intrigued by this information. Anyway, I am excited about this class and will be happy for you to join me.
Weave step seven into your life 100 times a day

Testimonial of the Week
I have spent a lot of time in the quest for ultimate knowledge and understanding, only to find that my thinking was convoluted beyond any prospect of a definitive answer being circuitous and tortured.

Simplicity really is key for me now.

However expansive Kathleen or anyone gets, the message is the same once you can hear it.

I might agonize through the intellectual contortions we are prone to and I'd produce a long and deep and heartfelt post only to get a brief reply cutting through all my largely tangential concerns.

Believe me, the *stuff* that makes up the majority of any of my lengthy expositions is resistance. It's *yeah but yeah but* all the way and the words smother and comfort in their poetic validations.

*Just do breakfast* doesn't quite do us justice. It's too easy for us. We want to go into fantasies about it and set up adversaries including ourselves to do battle over it.

The struggle ends as soon as we get the one liners. Honestly!


Radiant Recovery Store
  I want to continue the reflection about George's® Restore. I got a phone call from one of our community members asking me about *heavy metals* in our shake. She said her daughter, who is a dietetics student, had referenced an article that reported finding such things as cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic in protein powder products.

Well, this was pretty startling to me, so I decided to go check it out. First I learned that the original discussion happened in Consumer Reports in 7/10 edition. I started reading. I read the USP guidelines for safety, I read the international codex for acceptable heavy metal levels in food products, and I read the FDA guidelines as well. I also read the California Prop 65 guidelines which requires manufacturers to report levels of just about anything toxic.

That was all very interesting. I found out that alcohol is considered carcinogenic which did intrigue me. Then I read the certifications our suppliers send. We actually have a report that shows where our cows eat (in New Mexico which I love), what they eat, and how the milk is cared for from cow to production to shipment. The flow chart shows how the raw milk is transformed into whey protein isolate. And everything is tested for bacteria and impurities before it is shipped. The certifications did not reference heavy metal.

I called. Yes, they test regularly. And they sent me certificates of guarantees that the levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury are under 0.5 parts per million and that under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act may not be adulterated or mis-branded. So Restore is clear. I asked the quality control Manger how milk products could be contaminated for something like arsenic. He said, "can be the grass they eat, or the grain they are fed, the the standards at the production plant." This actually made me smile because David and I had made the decision not to buy *cheaper,* i.e. produced in China, and to continue to use the highest quality products we could find. So, you can trust that clean, happy, grass-eating New Mexico cows are producing our favorite protein powder!

by Kathleen
Please send questions and suggestions. I love hearing from you and truly want to help you do your program better. 
Radiant YLD

We started YLD to offer a safe place to talk about *weight loss.* Since then, my feelings about how weight loss might work have changed dramatically. I have always known that if we simply lose weight without healing all the other stuff, we will always gain it back.It is the nature of our biochemistry. YLD is about learning how to understand all the other stuff and then to create behaviors that enhance weight loss.

This dialogue is life changing. Much of it happens in chat. It is like a river flowing, sometimes high water in the spring, sometimes low water in  the summer, but always flowing. We look forward to chat for this reason.

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here 

Radiant Living
We have had incredible discussions about cooking in RL chat. We have talked about making lunches in a wok, whether it needed sauce, what to put in it, what kinds of vegetables to use, and how to make a special dressing.

I have heard it said that when we lose *time,* god is present. We started this chat, and when I looked at the clock, it was 5 min to closing. Gosh, that was fun. It was like we were in the kitchen together having a blast. We even talked about the idea of making videos and posting them here.

Now, it's funny, Radiant Living isn't really about *learning* things the way a class might be. It is about learning stuff from one another, and learning the joy of sisters or brothers or cousins having a lot of fun playing. It really is about learning the things we didn't learn because we were so distracted with our sugar addiction, or felt so inadequate with low BE, we just didn't know how to be part of the pack.

We provide 2 weekly chats and a special email list to talk about the concepts we are working with. 

If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here.
Is It The Sugar?

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

In the past couple of weeks, there have been a whole number of new people coming into the program who are working on their sugar detox. Last night I had dinner with a friend of my son. Her son had just started the program and was a few days into his sugar detox and was feeling terrible. She asked what might help.That one felt easy enough. Short term have some bananas, then hold on the detox, backup and pause.

The accumulation of all the listening I have been doing made me realize this could be a good time to talk about the steps, progress through them and why slow is better than fast. There has been a huge cultural shift in the last year into needing to make CHANGE.

The new diet books, many medical and nutritional professionals are saying, *get the sgar out, now!* *Sugar is BAD!* *"clean" is good. Stop sugar, gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, corn. Test the pH. Daunting as it sounds to do, many people and especially sugar sensitive people who don't feel well are drawn into the swirl of *getting clean.*

The newsletter time is a good time to come back to all of you with the voice of sanity. Healing is good. Changing what and when you eat can have a huge impact on how you feel, And yes, the seven steps can be life changing..

But let's look at the steps as a life redo rather than a sugar detox. The sugar detox, the potato by themselves are not the point. Healing the imbalance of a lifetime of diets, healing the distress of sugar addiction, getting you healthy, sane and joyful are the goals. In a time when everything has to be renewed and restored, we offer a voice of sanity.

Here is a pitch for kindness, nano steps to steady, humor, tenderness and making some thoughtful change. We want you to stop running from the pain. Yes, we know that life is not working so well. And yes, your addiction is out of control. But let's think about a loving way rather than a DETOX.

When you walk in the door, you hear us ask you, *How is breakfast?* We ask you a lot. You talk about how bad things are, and we ask about breakfast.  You tell us the doctor said you can't have your surgery until you lose 100 pounds. We ask how breakfast is going. You tell us it is good, you have it down. We ask, are you eating within the hour? Not quite, but you are good with the protein and fruit. Chances are you think we don't understand. You wonder if we are being a little silly. You wonder if why the old timers seem stuck on breakfast.

We are trying to be difficult or stubborn, we just know the process works. We know that setting aside the urgency is part of the healing.. Our experience taught us that taking time heals. We learned that breakfast creates the foundation.

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