March 5, 2017

Hi {!firstname_fix}, 

The chaos from my return home has been righted. My office is now painted a lovely taupe with a pinkish undertone. The trim is a soft white so everything looks clean and fresh. I also had the painter paint the trim throughout the house and I have been working at washing down the is sort of a jump on spring cleaning.

The trees are no longer just stick skeletons now but are starting to fill in a lacey pattern as buds are awakening. Most of the cranes have moved north. The Canadian geese are waiting a bit longer.  The ditches will start to run on March 15 when the water is released into the acequia system. It is always a big day in New Mexico when the ditches start to flow. A waking up time.  So spring is stirring.

Even so, it is cold in the morning. I am itching to have shorts on but when it is 25 degrees F, that is not a good plan. It makes me laugh at myself. We have been talking still about stews and soups in chat which suggests that Spring is not yet on us.
Upcoming Classes
This option is ongoing. You may join at any time.

Coaching for Weight Loss

This is a new offering for people who are serious about losing weight and would like to have ongoing coaching. We do an individual assessment to sort out exactly where you are in the process. You will be guided in making your own individual plan. You can learn about journaling and adjusting your food for weight loss - what to do when. You can look at things to do to start while you are actually working the steps. This is not Boot Camp. You will be given tools and shown how to use them.  Please note that the preparation for weight loss includes mastery of the steps, so if you decide to do this process and have not yet started with the steps, we will do that first. If you are well versed in them and are ready to proceed, we have a special section to accommodate your skill level.

I do want to clarify that coaching is not the same as the classes. It is more responsive to you and where you are in the program. If you want help and are ready to be be guided, this is the process for you.

The fee is $20 per week and is billed in 2 week intervals. It is an unusual opportunity to work directly with Kathleen to be liberated from your past diet history. The signup is under the *special* tab on the classes page.

This class will begin March 8, 2017

RADIANT STEP ONE is our core introduction class for those starting with the program. it is a free class and is offered right in the step one group.  You will not only learn the basics of the 4 parts of Step One but will get expert guidance in adapting the parts to your own life, style and readiness.  This class is FREE and is taught in the Step One Group.
will teach you to learn how to choose the right journal, how to get motivated, what to include, how to know how you feel. You will confront shame and embarrassment, clear out old history and have fun in the process. This class is designed for those who are just getting started so you are not overwhelmed and can create a really fun tool for your recovery.  This class is FREE and is taught right in the step two group.

This class will begin March 15, 2017


Learn how this chemical affects your self-esteem and why your capacity to cope may be directly related to your beta endorphin levels. A fascinating look at the part of the story that is most crucial to sugar sensitivity.

When you pay attention to your body, you are sending it a message that it is valuable. If your body feels valuable, it will talk to you more

Testimonial of the Week

You're in a terrible place right now and I don't want to add to your unhappiness, but I know I've made decisions in the past that I just wouldn't have made now I'm steady.

I know I lost opportunities, closed doors and went down roads that I needn't have if I was clearer.

Before Kathleen's program, everything was too hard, or too sad, or too exhausting, or too upsetting, or too offensive, or too difficult, or too hopeless to solve.

Now, everthing seems more clear, more calm and even the crises aren't crises anymore.

My life IS difficult, but so much more manageable than the old days of addiction.

If you decide to leave or stay, you're going to need strength and perspective and a steady mind to work things out.

I'm with Kathleen. Get yourself steady for six months and things will seem clearer and all the "what ifs" won't have as much power over you.

In the meantime, doing the program concentrates your energies on YOU instead of the frustration of being with HIM. instead of focusing on the problems, focus on healing yourself. Become really strong and who knows what you'll decide from a postion of steadiness and calm.

Eliza :-) 

Radiant Recovery Store
If you don't have our cookbook yet, you are missing out on a terrific resource. It includes lots more than the 120 program friendly recipes.
  • How to build a variety of quick meals with the use of my simple baking mix
  • How to use pancakes and waffles as a base for wonderful experimentation
  • How to use marinades and dressings to dramatically change the taste of a few simple ingredients
  • The difference between sweet potatoes and yams
  • How to use a quiche to create all sorts of healthy alternative meals
  • How to make substitutes in your own sugar-filled recipes
  • How to use wheat alternatives
  • How to set up a vegetarian food plan
  • How to convert your daily allotment of protein grams to ounces of food
  • Designing menus that work for you
  • New ways to party
  • Tips for traveling including what to put in the radiant cooler
  • Eating on the run
  • Nutritional analysis of each recipe

Please send questions and suggestions. I love hearing from you and truly want to help you do your program better. 
Radiant Kitchen
I love the simplicity of this recipe. It is sort of like the program. Don't be fooled.

Chop up a whole bunch of apples. Leave the skin on. Cook over low heat, stirring once in a while until the become sauce. Add pumpkin pie spice. This is yummy and will taste like apple pie.  If you are early in the program, add sugar to taste. If you use red apples, your sauce will be pink.
Radiant YLD

 I think that YLD is the antidote for fat terror (smile) calms you and focuses you. Your Last Diet is really about the LAST part.  It gives you a community to talk about your weight without shame or fear.

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here 

Radiant Living

Now, it's funny, Radiant Living isn't really about *learning* things the way a class might be. It is about learning stuff from one another, and learning the joy of sisters or brothers or cousins having a lot of fun playing. It really is about learning the things we didn't learn because we were so distracted with our sugar addiction, or felt so inadequate with low BE, we just didn't know how to be part of the pack.

We provide 2 weekly chats and a special email list to talk about the concepts we are working with. 

If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here.
Doing The Food

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

We have a number of people who have been around for a while, and who have been pretty active in the community. They take classes, post or read on the lists, come to chat and sometimes to Ranch. They have heard the expression *Doing the Food* a lot. A new person recently asked me what that means anyway.

Could a person who just read the book and followed the steps *do the food* and get the benefits of the program? The answer to that question is yes and no (smile). A book is a snapshot in time. So the 2008 edition of Potatoes Not Prozac will say something a little different than the 1998 edition said...changing the order of the steps and correcting a few errors like the number of grams of protein in an egg as well. Were we to have a 2015 edition, it would change things some more since the *process* that goes with *doing the food* gets more refined as we add your life experience to my reflection of it.

The dialogue that flows from our conversations on the list, at ranch and in chat literally reshapes our knowing. I still hear from new people every day who say, *Oh Kathleen, I have been doing Atkins for years. I know the drill.* More often now, though, it's *doing Paleo.* I still smile and say, *There is more to the steps than meets the eye.* Responding to those who are sure they have the PnpPDiet down pat is an art. I love enthusiasm and... I want to gently introduce the idea that there is a very thoughtful reason for the way I suggest. There is more to the program than just the food. There is something about the process of healing that is as critical. There are many, many other things embedded in each step like.

  • learning to listen
  • learning to follow directions
  • learning to think that someone other than you might know better how to heal your body
  • giving up control
  • gaining control in a healthy way
  • going slowly and assimilating the change
  • learning how to do sequential and thoughtful rather than all or nothing
  • learning to savor rather than gulp

...and a thousand more. Getting off sugar is a tiny part of healing sugar sensitivity. And as I am sure many of you know, with the recent rise of a sugar consciousness, there is now an even greater belief that just STOPPING is the solution. I think we are offering another way.

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