April 10, 2017

Hi {!firstname_fix}, 

A lot of energy is flowing this week. Maybe spring is infusing us all with a sense of possibility. I like how it feels.  We have put a new system in place for posting chats so they should be caught up in the next few days and then on time. Yea!

Today is the start of Passover so I am wishing you joy and many blessings at Passover and throughout the year. Pesach Sameach!

For those who will celebrate Easter next weekend, I send my energy that your heart and trust will be renewed.

We have made some pretty major changes in coaching, YLD and the content for Ranch. You can read about all of that here in the newsletter.

 Radiant Ranch is coming. We hold our USA program in May. A number of the old timers have told me they are so excited to come, they are planning to come early and stay late.  We will start off with introductory material for our beginners who come to learn about the early steps. People thinking about Ranch sometimes want to know the content in specific terms and  don't quite get why everything is not published 6 months ahead of time. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, I actually plan the content based on who is coming.  We have a core learning curriculum for new people and then the rest of it is developed round about now. This year I am going to present some major new learning about inflammation and healing. I will write about it in a science section in this newsletter next week and share about it in chat.  So the curriculum is outlined and the coloring books will follow - ie the way to learn complex material and remember...:)

You will learn theory and practice and get incredibly useful skills to do the program anytime, anywhere.If you have wondered why the program makes sense, Ranch is the place to experience it in person.Check out the Ranch page and see if it might suit you this year. Make a point of googling New Mexico as well. It is pretty spectacular.

A special heads up to those of you who are thinking about Euroranch in the Fall.  This year we are offering the early bird special for registrations before April 15th.  

Don't forget we have reconfigured our blog to share our stories of healing.​​​​​​​ And you might check on what is happening on the forum...Janice is doing some really fun posting there.
Upcoming Classes
This option is ongoing. You may join at any time.

Coaching for Weight Loss

This is a unique offering for people who are serious about losing weight and would like to have ongoing coaching. It is ironically also for those of you who want to enhance your program. We do an individual assessment to sort out exactly where you are in the process. You will be guided in making your own individual plan. You can learn about journaling and adjusting your food for weight loss - what to do when. You can look at things to do to start while you are actually working the steps. This is not Boot Camp. You will be given tools and shown how to use them.

The coaching is done online in a group using Yahoo and Google. Please note that the preparation for weight loss includes mastery of the steps, so if you decide to do this process and have not yet started with the steps, we will do that first. If you are well versed in them and are ready to proceed, we have a special section to accommodate your skill level.

I do want to clarify that coaching is not the same as the classes. It is more responsive to you and where you are in the program. If you want help and are ready to be be guided, this is the process for you.The benefits you get include learning how to do skilled journaling and to interpret it to really understand how the changes you are making affect your well being.

Another perk of coaching is that you can attend the regular classes I do at no charge,

The fee is $20 per week and is billed in 2 week intervals. It is an unusual opportunity to work directly with me to be liberated from your past diet history. The signup is under the *special* tab on the classes page.

This class will begin April 5, 2017

Is YLD For Me

We are behind in getting started with this, so if you still want to sign up you can This free *tour* will give you a sense of what joining YLD will and will not give you. Other than being able to talk about weight without being asked to talk about breakfast instead, LOL, you will learn about the process, the information you can learn, the chats, and the YLD list. It is a wonderful peek into the inner workings of our rather unique weightloss offering.We will schedule this class periodically whenever 10 people have registered.

This class will begin April 12, 2017

Using the Resources of the Community
This free class will teach you all the ins and outs of the resources in the community. You will learn to navigate the community forum, learn how to use the resource center, check out Radiant Ranch, and learn your way around the website. You will be on your way with an invaluable resource in your pocket!
Keep it simple, stay focused and stay connected. Watch the miracle!

Testimonial of the Week
Wanting to isolate and crawl into a private little cave is very SS. Isolation is a major challenge for me and so I made a promise to myself. When I start having "done to, why me, unworthy, unlovable and fat feelings" and they show up in my journal for 2 days in a row, I send out a cry for help. Every time I have done that the results have been magical. Not just in terms of support, understanding and love, but practical step by step instructions about what to do to feel better again. This Community will carry me and you when we can't walk and they will never let us down.



Radiant Recovery Store
Sometimes people ask me why we carry CetylM in the store. Kathleen went to a trade show a few years ago. She watched these two videos of Jap. At the time, I had just moved to Albuquerque and my large Rottweiler was about 8 years. He had terrible arthritis and could hardly walk. Kathleen was blown away by the videos and said, *we have to get this stuff for your dog.* So we ordered some. In 3 weeks he was like a puppy. He was running all around. We have carried this ever since.

Click the following to view video. 

They also make a product for people called CMResponse. Everyone who has tried it has said it works way better than glucosamine. You can go here if you want to learn more about Cetyl M.

And their premier product is for horses. Let me know if you want me to get that. I don't know how many of you have horses.

If you haven't been to the store for a while, how about just coming over and browsing. You will be thrilled to see all the changes! 
Please send questions and suggestions. I love hearing from you and truly want to help you do your program better. 

Notes From the Forum

In Response To: At war with myself 

I can relate a bit. I did two "Don't want to!!" episodes. One was pushing the part of breakfast that said, on time, every day. I wanted erratic. It was much more dramatic. Then I was NOT going to be told what to do on step three. I didn't realise that no one was telling me to do anything.  I was making up the drama of internal conflict when I didn't have to have any there at all,   when really all the choosing was entirely up to me. 

Kathleen had posted something that I always remember. It was something like - There's so much energy there. All that energy going into the conflict and drama. (and I much preferred the beta-endorphin kick from drama to actually doing breakfast as written). Just think how amazing it would be if I could harness all THAT energy onto breakfast itself. So that is what I keep in mind. Where to choose to direct my energy. And doing the food helps my choice which helps me doing the food. yay!!

I still stamp my foot occasionally and don't wanna, LOL, but I recognise now where that's biochemical and can smile at it a bit and know what to do. So I really like your healing voice ! and love how you are listening to that one. 

Radiant Kitchen



  • 1 head cauliflower 
  • 1.5 tsp dried tarragon 
  • 2-3 tbsp FRESH lemon juice (depending on how big the head of cauliflower is) 
  • 1 tbsp lemon zest 
  • olive oil 
  • salt 
  • pepper 
Preheat oven to 375. Line a jellyroll pan (cookie sheet with sides) with aluminum foil. Wash and break cauliflower into small florets (easy to do - just take the knife and split flowers at their base). Spread across pan. Drizzle generously with EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Stir/toss carefully to coat the cauliflower. Roast in oven for about 25 minutes until it looks golden and feels tender when speared with a knife. Halfway through the cooking, stir/toss again so that there is even browning. While the cauliflower is roasting, use a lemon zester to scrape off the lemon zest into the serving bowl. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze in the lemon juice. You can also finely mince shallots and throw them in at this time (YUM). Put the tarragon in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together, letting the powdered tarragon fall into the bowl. Whisk in some olive oil (maybe a tbsp). When the cauliflower is done, add it to the serving bowl and turn the cauliflower over numerous times to blend the dressing and the cauliflower. Salt and pepper to taste. 

For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store.

For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store.
Radiant YLD

We have been thinking about *fat terror* and what a driving force it has been for so many of us. The steps antidote fat terror and replace it with hope, humor and mobilization. Somehow the desperation about weight shifts, and we just get functional and mobilized. Yah, it really is Your Last Diet,  and the chats just bring that home over and over and over. And no, you don't have to be fat or on step 7 to join, LOL. You can be slender and living in terror and you will be totally comfortable. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Being in terror is NOT a requirement, LOL.

Your program will include:

  • LIFETIME membership
  • Exclusive information on what contributed to your weight and what you can do about it.
  • Special classes on weight loss including The Obesity Myth, Fat Terror, Exercise for Weight loss, Clothing for your size and style. These will be at no extra charge
  • Ongoing, indepth discussion about successful weight loss with searchable archives.
  • Weekly private weight loss chats held at two different times each week led by Kathleen herself. They are funny, informative and healing.
  • Access to a private facebook group (secret) to share joys, progress, pictures and questions.
The most significant part of your membership is learning WHY losing weight has been so illusive for so many of us.

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here .  We are also making a big change in our fee structure for the program.

When we originally started it, we had a LIFETIME membership. A couple of years ago we shifted to an annual membership and I just was never happy with it. So we are going back to lifetime.  Any of you who go the annual, will be upgraded to lifetime. I will be sending you an email shortly.  Thank the Radiant LIfers for this insight!

Radiant Living
Radiant Living is really just about the joy of recovery.

Radiant Living will allow you to share a dialogue with others – people who are asking the same questions and exploring answers boldly and with the humility that comes with doing the food.

These conversations will help you transform fear and give new tools for healing. We look at topics such as grief, crisis, trauma, emotional healing, revitalizing your program and stepping into your big self.

So the dialogue will be about the big picture and the practical ideas for daily implementations of the changes you are seeking. The dialogue will meet you where you are and offer ideas that you may not have heard before. Let go of old thinking that growing up has to be hard or painful. This is about joy, discovery, fun and creativity. And, of course, LOTS of laughter.

There is no step requirement to participate, only honesty, willingness and openness.

Your membership will give you what you need to master this new way of being. Your membership will include:
  • People who understand and mentor you
  • A dedicated list on Yahoo with my own personal involvement
  • Access to a dedicated membership-only chat held at 2 different times each week
So we have had a group consensus to change the Radiant Life membership back to a LIFETIME. I will email everyone about their upgrade.  It may take us a few days to catch up administratively with our collective enthusiasm but David and our tech folks will do it.
See what happens when you come to chat!  You literally shape the future of joy.
If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here.

She Refused to Eat It

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

I have been cleaning and clearing. I started going through files in my *personal* file cabinet. I found some things that came from my mother's that I had never seen before. The first is a picture of me in nursery school. I am posting this here so you can see my little sweet self. I am that little one down in the right hand corner, LOL. That would be little Kathy at Boots and Saddles Nursery School.

In the same envelope, there was a note from the school to my mother. They spelled my name wrong, too. It says:

Dear Mrs. McCann,

Kathy only ate 1/4 of a piece of bread and a carrot stick for lunch.

And then went on to say that I told them I only eat grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken in the rough. Apparently they planned to deal with it later, LOL. This totally cracked me up since I was about as little as I was in that picture.

Now, this note stunned me. I never ever thought of myself as a picky eater, I do remember an incident when the school served ratatouille and I refused to eat it. They made me sit at the lunch table all day, but I was a stubborn little thing and just said *no*.  

That note has touched me...was I choosing not to eat as a way of coping with feelings? I don't know yet...but it does seem to be a time of old stuff being stirred. 

I think you know that, historically, I have tended to deemphasize psychological causation for our relationship to food, and attributed it more to biochemistry. You also know that when presented with *evidence,* I certainly am wiling to rethink my positions. I have wondered why it is that I understand restriction on such a core level. Restriction as *not eating* as a way of dealing with feelings.

We have learned that even those of us who have larger bodies, and the stories to go with them, deal with restriction. Diets are about restriction. So as we diet, we learn to not eat. And we learn there is something perceived as very *virtuous* about that practice. But from some very wise part of me I have always known that restriction comes with a price. It means shutting down *feeling* and you can't differentiate just one brand of feeling. The cost is pretty high. Numb for vanity. Or numb for the illusion of vanity.

But the ringer here is that 3-year-old little Kathy was not dealing with vanity. She was dealing with a father overseas on a tour of duty and a mother going through breast cancer alone. And breast cancer in 1948 was very much more of a big deal than it is now. It was something that shaped who she was on a profound level. it makes sense to me that this little feisty kid who picked up every nuance of feeling in the universe got imprinted with all that.

Or maybe she just didn't like ratatouille and had the tiny self-confident spirit that said, *no*. I don't know yet, but I am thinking about it. And I did fill my freezer with totally yummy food! 

If You Listen, Your Body Will Speak. 

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