June 11, 2017

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This is a revised edition of the newsletter. I am not sure what happened. I think I may not have hit the *save* button and I missed the *autosave* window. My humble apologies.

Our readership went down this week. Do you think it was because I talked about mice?

We are having a wonderful time in both coaching groups. The step one list is in the midst of doing the step one class and just coming up with wonderful solutions. Insulin resistance is late getting started because a whole bunch of people signed up at the last minute.

Living chats are looking at how we refine our programs in the midst of *swirl* - so much around us is changing, it is hard to hold on to center.

One of my rescues come with a broken leg, she had surgery and will be coming back tomorrow. One of the local peacocks was hit by a kid on an ATV. I took him to the bird vet. His broken leg is splinted and Allison, the Bird Woman, has taught me how to get him  to open his beak for a squirt of antibiotic. I am meditating every day, journaling everyday, and actually have been writing!

Read the coaching section please so you are updated on how it is evolving.

Don't forget we have reconfigured our blog to share our stories of healing. 
Upcoming Classes
This option is ongoing. You may join at any time.

Radiant Coaching 

This is for people who are serious about their programs and would like to have ongoing coaching. We do an individual assessment to sort out exactly where you are in the process. You will be guided in making your own individual plan. You can learn about journaling and adjusting your food for your life goals - what to do when. You can look at things to do to start while you are actually working the steps. You will be given tools and shown how to use them.

The coaching is done online in a group using Yahoo and Google. We currently have two levels for coaching - one for people who are newer in the program which focuses on the earlier steps, and one for people who are skilled in the program and want to take things deeper.

I do want to clarify that coaching is not the same as the classes. It is more responsive to you and where you are in the program. If you want help and are ready to be be guided, this is the process for you.The benefits you get include learning how to do skilled journaling and to interpret it to really understand how the changes you are making affect your well being.

The fee is $20 per week and is billed in 2 week intervals. It is an unusual opportunity to work directly with me to be liberated from your past diet history. The signup is under the *special* tab on the classes page.  If you want to join, please email me first so we can touch base about whether this is right for you.

Starting Tonight, June 11 - Late but worth it

Healing Insulin Resistance, A New Look.  NEW
Insulin resistance is a key component in gaining weight and being vulnerable to diabetes. I did a whole series on this a number of years ago, but continue to learn new information.

I am reading original research articles and I was fascinated and thought you would LOVE hearing about this. You will learn what insulin resistance is, and very concrete specific things you can do and eat to reverse it. If weight loss or pre diabetes is a concern for you, this will be a great class.

I have recently made a decision about my own *best body* practice and decided I wanted to go back to understand some information that wasn't clear to me. I have done this and am excited to share with you what I have learned. I will only do this class ONCE this year, so if you are interested, this is the time to sign up.


I am not scheduling any classes for next week so I can catch up.

When you understand your sugar sensitivity, what has been an overwhelming mystery in your life becomes a fascinating journey in self-discovery.

Testimonial of the Week
Hello to all,

As of tomorrow I will have written in my journal for 30 days consistently!! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, emotional and physical feelings are all there. It wasn't always perfect and it wasn't always complete but I DID IT! I honestly wasn't' sure if I would be able to do this so this truly is a milestone. I've drawn smiley faces along the sides of tomorrow's journal page.

For those of you looking for help I can say that, prior to March 7, I was inconsistent. I kept a journal - with a day here or there - since October 2004. I started getting more consistent in January and even more so in February. I have not tried to analyze the journal or draw conclusions. That just seemed too overwhelming. Now, I think I can begin to do that some. I am still making the shift away from judging what I'm putting in my mouth. This will be a BIG step for me.

Some tips that have worked for me - I try to put the time I feel things, I especially find it helpful to spend time with the journal first thing in the morning and last thing at night - I think it fortifies my commitment. I like the idea of writing in the journal as "dessert" and have tried to do this. Sometimes I forget but always come back to it. I can say that, for me, the novelty of writing in the journal has worn off a bit and I find myself getting a complacent. And, who knows, I may "forget" my journal at times. It's all learning.

The bottom line for me is that my healing is a top priority at this time. And, journaling is a big component of the healing. So, here I am doing the journal..meal by meal..day by day.

I know the YOU can do it too. We'll help each other along this path. 

All the best,

Radiant Recovery Store

A while ago I had reported that I asked David to order a new product. I want to let you know how much I LOVE it! I had hoped it would help my dry eyes. And man, it is fabulous. So we are putting it in the newsletter again.

Here is a testimony to the impact of your input. Last week one of our regular customers told us about a Nordic Naturals product she had tried. It is called ProDHA Eye. She said her ophthalmologist had recommended it for *dry eye* and it was having a huge impact for her. Kathleen read that email and asked me if I had sent in our Nordic order yet. I said, *No, I was doing it that afternoon.* Here is her response:

As I have gotten older, the issue of dry eye has become more of a problem. Living in New Mexico, which is DRY, DRY, makes it way worse. You know I LOVE Nordic products, let's give it a shot. I know it is a bit pricey, but when I think about how much I am spending on eye drops, this sounds way better.

Here is what Nordic Naturals says about it:

  • Added Zeaxanthin and FloraGLO Lutein for ultimate eye protection*

  • 93+% true triglyceride form for optimal absorption of essential omega-3s*

  • Promotes healthy eye moisture and tear production*

ProDHA Eye® combines concentrated omega-3 fish oil with key nutrients that have been shown to protect the eyes and support healthy vision.* The omega-3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is more concentrated in eye tissue than in any other part of the body, and is vital to the structure and function of healthy eyes. By supporting healthy inflammatory levels, omega-3s can also help alleviate many common symptoms of eye discomfort such as dryness, pain, and redness.* FloraGLO® Lutein with zeaxanthin has been added to further support the structures of the eye and provide protection against harmful ultraviolet blue light.* ProDHA Eye combines these key eye nutrients in one convenient formula.

Radiant Kitchen

It's grilling time and I thought it would be great to share some great marinades from the Radiant Recipes cookbook.

Marinate small pieces of whatever you are grilling for 1 - 24 hours. The longer the marinating time, the more intense the flavor. Remove meat, fish or tofu from the marinade and cook as desired. Brush a little marinade onto the protein as it cooks for greater flavor. Do not use the leftover marinade without boiling it first. Boil the marinade until slightly thickened and then you can use it as sauce.

Lime Ginger Marinade
  • 1/2 c. olive oil 
  • 1/4 c. lime juice 
  • 1 T. lime zest (grated lime rind) 
  • 1 T. rice wine vinegar 
  • 1 T. grated ginger root 
  • 1 T. apple juice concentrate 
  • 1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes 
In a medium bowl, whisk together all ingredients until well combined. Makes 4 servings.

Teriyaki Marinade
  • 1 c. unsweetened apple juice 
  • 1/2 c. soy sauce or tamari 
  • 2 T. rice wine vinegar 
  • 1 T. balsamic vinegar 
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced 
  • 2 T. freshly grated ginger root 
  • 2 tsp. sesame oil 
  • 1 T. tomato paste 
In a medium bowl, whisk together all ingredients until well combined. Makes 4 servings.

For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store

Radiant YLD

Pretty much the essence of YLD is to antidote that deeply embedded message that we are not ok if we are fat. YLD offers a solution...the food part is pretty functional. Clearing out the fat terror and the shame and the pain is way more multi layered. And you won’t get that anywhere else. Here is an example:

Something pretty amazing happened to me this week. I went to see the nurse at my doctor's surgery for a routine procedure. She asked about my kids, said how well I was looking and checked my weight. It was the same as the last time I had seen her......6 months ago.....

That kinda blew me away. I told her, 'Yay, go me, that's pretty amazing.' She's seen me every size and I could tell she was pleased for me too.

This really was my last diet, ha, diet, not the right word really seeing as I don't feel like I've been on one :)

Steph x 

Your YLD program includes:

  • LIFETIME membership
  • Exclusive information on what contributed to your weight and what you can do about it.
  • Special classes on weight loss including The Obesity Myth, Fat Terror, Exercise for Weight loss, Clothing for your size and style. These will be at no extra charge
  • Ongoing, in-depth discussion about successful weight loss with searchable archives.
  • Weekly private weight loss chats held at two different times each week led by Kathleen herself. They are funny, informative and healing.
  • Access to a private facebook group (secret) to share joys, progress, pictures and questions.

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here.  

Radiant Living
Radiant Living is really about the joy of recovery. It is really amazing to me that we sometimes are just led into conversations that are so beyond anything we do in our regular lives. This makes it VERY hard to explain the magic, When we started it I had NO idea that what would come could be so supportive.

There is no step requirement to participate, only honesty, willingness, and openness.

Your membership will give you what you need to master this new way of being. Your membership will include:
  • People who understand and mentor you
  • A dedicated list on Yahoo with my own personal involvement
  • Access to a dedicated membership-only chat held at 2 different times each week 
If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here.
*After the Abuse*

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

In the last few weeks people have been sharing their struggles about being in an abusive relationship. I thought it would b helpful to share this.

Many of you learned at an early age to use sugar and fat and white stuff to help you manage. As children, bad things happened to you. You had no way out, and no one to help you make sense of bad things. Little brains cannot wrap around these bad things. And little psyches have no alternative. You were *stuck* in a family. You could not just move out, or go live with someone else. You could not say, "Oh, excuse me, this is not working for me, I would like a different set of parents." 

You found ways to manage. And usually that included eating. On some level you learned the beta-endorphin effect, you got it that sugar is a painkiller. You may not have understood that on a conscious level, but on a physical level you did. Your body knew. You got by. You drew inside and got quiet. You scrunched. You knew the message of "Don't talk,  Don't tell, and Don't feel."

As adults, you sort of figured that out. Some part of you knows and remembers that childhood was no bed of roses. But what you cannot figure out is how you got here as an adult? Why do these things still happen? How could you keep doing it with all the knowing? That part makes no sense. And often you trash yourself because you think you should know better. How could you go back to a situation that is abusive? And if you are really honest, you think, "How could I be that stupid?"

Ok, here is an outrageous idea. Rather than thinking of the "going back" as being stupid, I want you to consider the option that you go back for two core reasons. The first is that your psyche wants to be healed. It seeks a recapitulation of an old story again and again, not because you are messed up, but because your psyche wants to be healed. You will do the same story over and over as a way of "seeing" the truth.

If you can change the filter that you are not bad, not inadequate, just persistent about finding healing, it helps. You want to sort out this story so you can heal it. The other key issue is that while you are caught in addictive behavior, it is impossible to step outside a negative situation and heal it. Addiction keeps you caught. It chains you to the abuse. What you originally thought was giving you relief (and it did), actually now is killing you. When you are in an addictive pattern, you have one primary focus, and that is how to feed it. Your rational brain may say, "I have to get out of here. This is nuts. My life is at stake." Or "I am dying here. I have to stop," but if you are caught in sugar and white stuff, or wine and beer, you cannot make the move to be free. 

On some core level, the way out is by doing the food. At first your brain may balk at that. You cannot imagine a relationship between what you are eating and staying in an abusive situation. But there is an absolute connection. Or you cannot imagine ever being able to heal those old feelings. They are too big and too overwhelming. The anger, the fear, the rage all swirl up if you even go there.

But here is what is exciting. As an adult, an adult with healing, you have power over what happens to you. Feeling like a victim is biochemical. Feeling stuck is biochemical. Feeling helpless or enraged without a way out is biochemical. When you heal the biochemistry, those feelings change. Even though the memories are real and the abuse happened, as you heal the biochemistry something happens. You find yourself thinking, "You know, I don't need to keep doing this old story."

And that thought creeps into some new pattern. You learn to say, "You know, this does not work for me." You don't stuff it, you don't lash out in rage and spike your beta endorphin, you just say, "nope, not going there." And that energy, the energy that comes from a healed place starts growing and feeding itself.

Now, when a grocery store clerk is surly, you laugh and say, "Excuse me?" When someone is obnoxious and testy, you walk away. When your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend picks a fight, you say, "This does not work for me, what alternatives do we have?" You acknowledge that you need to learn new skills, new language. You didn't learn either when you were growing up, so you start listening to the skilled. Your ear hears new ways of deflecting and disarming. You become confident and skilled. The longer you do the food, the more natural the skill becomes.

This does not happen all at once or in a flash. It, like your food program, comes in baby steps, sometimes in nano steps. But it does come. Do the food and things change. Do the food and heal. It is a very simple equation.
If You Listen, Your Body Will Speak. 

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