July 9, 2017

Hi, {!firstname_fix},

Well, I am up in Vinalhaven, Maine settling into the quiet rhythm of the tide flowing in and out.Yesterday was grey on grey. The fog rolled in, the water was grey and the only sound out of the cove was the sound of the sea gulls calling. I put a picture of fog down below with the article.

Today the sun is out, the sea is blue and the sky is blue. The tide is in enough for the seaweed rocks to be covered. Kaska, the king seagull, has taken his place on the railing calling to my SIL, Danielle, for his breakfast. Later we went out with my cousin on his boat for a picnic in the cove. It was about as beautiful as life can be.

I have been reading books from the Second Hand Prose sidewalk sale. I was reading All the Dogs of My Life and came across the word apophthegms. It is a word I have never seen or heard before. That was a new experience. you can go and sleuth it.

I declined going to the gathering of the Island old cars last night, Peter and Danielle went and came back with a lobster and clams in a cardboard box - part of the evening's offerings. Someone had to eat it :) It was my second lobster feast since coming. On Thursday I had gone down to the wharf food truck. The lobstermen and women order hamburgers, those *from away* order lobster rolls. I sat in the car and ate it while watching the guys work on their boat. This is not NM life.

Time away and quiet is always restorative.

Upcoming Classes
The coaching option is ongoing. You may request to join at any time, but we open it up for people to enter every quarter or so. We will be bringing those of you who are waiting when I get back on the 15th,

Radiant Coaching

This is for people who are serious about their programs and would like to have ongoing coaching. You will be guided in making your own individual plan. You will learn about journaling and adjusting your food for your life goals - what to do when. You can look at things to do to start while you are actually working the steps. You will be given tools and shown how to use them.

The coaching is done online in a group using Yahoo and Google. We currently have two levels for coaching - one for people who are newer in the program which focuses on the earlier steps, and one for people who are skilled in the program and want to take things deeper.

I do want to clarify that coaching is not the same as the classes. It is more responsive to you and where you are in the program. If you want help and are ready to be be guided, this is the process for you. But it Is also about your learning to direct your own process. The benefits you get include learning how to do skilled journaling and to interpret it to really understand how the changes you are making affect your well being.

The fee is $20 per week and is billed in 2 week intervals. We will be starting another sequence for new people starting on the 15th. It is an unusual opportunity to work directly with me to be liberated from your past diet history. The signup is under the *special* tab on the classes page.  If you want to join, please email me first so we can touch base about whether this is right for you.

This class will begin Wednesday, July 12, 2017. Please Signup and it will take you to the step one group page:

Learn all four parts of step 1 in a structured way. Learn how to progress through them with enjoyment. Let us support getting your program off to a fabulous start.  This class will be taught right on the step One list. It is free.
This class will begin Wednesday, July 19, 2017. Please Signup and it will take you to the registration page:

Is YLD for me?

Come discover if The Your Last Diet Program is right for your weight loss journey. This is another free class that will allow you to sort out where you are in your process and if connecting with YLD is right for you.

When all is said and done, just 'do the food'.

Testimonial of the Week
I am not officially doing step 2 as yet but I am noticing. I have journaled through 2 books before I "went away." During my relapse I noticed physical symptoms but blamed them on all kinds of sources, bloating, inflammation, prickly tongue, anxiety, insomnia, etc, etc, etc. I would read another book...pray for healing...try another diet etc.etc.etc. Nothing worked and so I am seeing that it is really true...it is the biochemistry...the brain...it needs healing...and it starts with breakfast. Thank you for being here through all my ups and downs.

Radiant Recovery Store
This note is from Kathleen:

This morning I started a new journal. Of course, I use Your Body Speaks. I couldn't help myself. I have to give you a personal blow by blow. The cover is heavier and the pages are bright white with heavier paper. No dog ears for us now! And it has this gorgeous spiral binding. I know, I know you can think I am nuts, but these things make me excited.

So I decided to go through it as if it was the first time.

Here is what I found:
  • A list of the steps. I never get tired of them.
  • A list of balanced physical feelings and unbalanced physical feelings. I like to go and check on which fit me on a given date. I do it in different colors. It is intriguing. Then I could up my score. Steady food means high balanced, unsteady means low unbalanced. How amazing!
  • A list of balanced and unbalanced emotional feelings. My goodness, are they on target.
  • The charts of the signs of imbalance and the signs of balance.
  • Protein values in a typical serving. If you want to know how much protein in cottage cheese or an egg, it is right in your journal.
  • A list of white things, brown things and green things.
  • The grams of sugar in a number of fruits.
  • A list of sugars by other names.
  • A hundred ways to raise beta endorphin. 
  • A place to record your exercise.
  • A place to record your gratitudes and commitments.
  • And, of course, a place to record your food and feelings.
  • And then, my very favorite....a list of things to reflect on about the changes in you since you started. If you want to know what radiance means, check out this list. It is awesome and you won't find it anywhere else!
  • Come get a journal! 

Please send questions and suggestions. David and I love hearing from you and truly want to help you do your program better. 
Radiant Kitchen​​​​​​​


3 cups oat milk (or regular milk or other milk substitute)
3/4 cup millet
1 tsp. salt
1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
1 ripe banana, pureed in food processor or blender
1 tsp. alcohol-free vanilla extract
Bring oat milk to a boil, add millet and salt and cover. Simmer on low for 40 minutes. Turn off heat and leave sitting for 30 minutes. Add the coconut, banana and vanilla, stirring well. Pour into 6 custard cups and serve hot or warm (do NOT serve it chilled - yech!) 


For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store and visit our online Radiant Recipes site.

Radiant YLD
The YLD program is the place to learn about the special concerns for looking at weight and sugar sensitivity. Learn   the biochemical basis of your weight gain. Understand why regular diets don't *stick*.  Learn about *fat terror* and the cultural norms that shape us and push us into trying every new plan that is posted as the latest solution.

Come to chat, join the list for members. We have lots of resources!

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here.  
Radiant Living
Some of the old timers wanted to know where to talk about their process. They wanted to have a place to share about *refinements* and *life enhancements*. We have support for depression and cooking and fitness, but nowhere to look at *life* stuff. The logical option is Radiant Living. It is kinda the *after the steps* place.

If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here.
Doing The Food

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

Last week I shared a description of life on the Island. This week you get reflections. I went over to Facebook, I read the forum and stopped in on some of the discussion of the new people. There were talks of gluten, cravings, food sensitivities, supplements, and all sorts of other things. And of course the old timers are saying *breakfast, breakfast, breakfast* which I am sure aggravates many.  I thought it might be a good time to talk again about what it is we are doing here, why it is different from other places and why we keep talking about breakfast.

Sugar sensitive people tend to be smart, curious, opinionated and convinced that we know everything. We are special, and other people don't understand us and we have had to find our own way for a long time. And when we are unbalanced, we can be pretty frantic, overwhelmed and trying desperately to find a way to feel better. Sugar addiction is tougher than most people realize. It is subtle and seductive and creates amnesia. We don't realize how crazy we are when we are in it.

The steps are an antidote. On first glance they seem pretty straightforward and simple. Many new people whip right on through them thinking, well, I already eat breakfast, I eat browns and I eat healthy food. Just need to add a potato and get off the sugar.  Honestly, I hear this all the time. So why the breakfast, breakfast mantra?

The real power of the steps comes from a whole bunch of things hidden in the PROCESS. The hidden things go to the heart of addictive behavior, to the chaos and thrashing, to the arrogance and fear, to the vulnerability and battered self esteem. And these are not stated, not written down in the same way. If you come in hysterical because you are overweight, your life is out of control and you are miserable and we started talking about that, you would be outta here in a flash. So we don't talk, we just surround you with clarity, calm and role modeling.

Step One is about slowing down, doing less, focusing. You learn to take direction, to ask for help. You learn to pick the easiest first, to master one thing and then move on. You learn to listen, you learn to discern, to notice those in leadership, to discover why they say what they do. You notice that they are still eating browns, you notice that they plan their meals before traveling, you notice that they laugh a lot. Or when they hit hard stuff, they find solutions.

As you hang out, you might notice too that they are not talking about cravings or sugar or going off grains or PMS or supplements. They talk about *doing the food* and you may wonder why this is. It is very simple. We have learned that if we *do the food* all the other stuff gets settled. This is such a weird thing...how can it be...it makes no sense.
The breakfast mantra is really the first verse of *Do the food* <smile>...and I think you may be hearing a little more overtly, LOL because I am going to be prompting all the oldies to start singing more.
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