August 7, 2017

Hi, {!firstname_fix},

It has been a fun week.

After all that thinking about the name for our Community members to the East in the British Isles, we decided we would simply call the list radiantUK. Simple enough.  Seems as if people like it.

It is hard to explain how energy is flowing, but it is. We have been talking on the step 2 list how we juggle the needs of the new people just learning to collect data with the needs of the more experienced who want to refine their journaling. We have not come up with a solution yet, but the discussion is lively and thoughtful.  Of course that dilemma plays out in many places. I think the sharing itself is life giving.

Come to chats this week. We will continue to talk about change. 
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Once you have experienced a week of radiance, you will always return to it. Your molecules will remember and want it.​​​

I have one tiny suggestion for you.

My young teens have been slipping into a very bad pattern this summer. My daughter was choosing to forget to eat in the absence of school and the school lunch schedule. And my son couldn't figure out what to eat for lunch every day, so he'd just go with unbalanced snacks. Many days I was getting calls at work, hearing hungry, spacy voices ask, "What should I have for lunch?" There was good food in the house, but they weren't eating it.

I went out and bought a white board, and I simply wrote all of the things my kids could choose for lunch on it, including everything they could find in the refrigerator, freezer, and on the shelves, plus the things they can easily fix for themselves. It made an instant change for my son. I was actually surprised at how relieved he was to not have to think about what to eat.

Still a bit of a challenge getting my daughter to eat on time when I'm not home, but the "menu" I made has definitely helped for those moments when she's starting to get over the edge and can't figure out how to get food.​​​​​​​

So - my idea is to figure out some kind of non-verbal way to remind your son of the things your son needs to do. Maybe a note on his bathroom mirror? Maybe ask him what would help?

Becca in CA 

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Radiant Kitchen​​​​​​​

Program Pizza

Oh, I'm sorry...I just can't let this go, lol.

We have pizza every Friday night. My family will not let me slide, even when the weather gets unbearably hot here. In fact, this summer I will probably "bite the bullet" and experiment on the grill with wood chips. (smile)

Last week, we had salami/pepperoni deep dish (I usually skip this) and my favorite mozz/fresh basil/tom and I experimented with a chicken, bacon, onion, ranch (homemade ranch dressing). I make 4 pizzas each week so there are leftovers...funny to watch teenagers get up early on a Saturday morning for "first dibs", lol.

You CAN have pizza on program...just with a little bit of effort. Sorry, folks, you were just all making me laugh...can you tell I love, love, love to cook RR meals???​​​​​​​


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I'm addressing here those people who have thought about joining YLD but haven't. I held back from doing so for nearly a year.

I was partly skeptical, because in the past I had tried Dr. Phil's diet and found he was very interested in selling me pills, etc. I saw the store and decided to see what I could get out of the program for free. I took all the free classes, one by one. By that time I was sold and began to take paid classes.
Finally I have joined YLD. In three weeks, I have definitely gotten my money's worth just from information gained during the weekly chats. And there is a great deal more to it than that
If you have the money, I do encourage you to join now.


One major change in YLD. I am going to offer the 3 main weight loss classes right on the YLD list for no extra charge. These will include The Obesity Myth, Healing Fat Terror, and Radiant Clothing.

For current members, don't forget we have added a *secret* (that means private) list on FB as well.

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Radiant Living
Gosh, were chats exciting this week. Talk about reflection on how to live in radiance!
Wonderful to share with you.

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Speaking of Radiance

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

It's funny, but in all these years of writing, I don't think I have ever really defined my sense of what *radiance* is. We used to say that Step 7 was about *getting a life.* I think we thought of it as self-mastery while steady on the food. Maybe like being awake, alive and in joy.  Perhaps having energy, being connected, caring, succeeding, having things work, loving to get up for another day of loving. Or maybe being aware of a stream of joy dots, moments of noticing...the roof line of your shed, the stillness of a lake after a storm, the quiet at 4 AM, an unexpected text from a adult child, a perfect tomato. That last one made me laugh. Not surprising, many of our joys come from food.

For some it is breathing in the same rhythm as Nature, or noticing the sound of birds, or creating tiny polymer sock monkeys. We are a diverse group and joy comes from many places. As step 7 grows it does seem as if Grace is unfolding and we are not alone. For me, Grace is the divine flowing, kinda like divine breath. When I was little, I used to think about God's breath breathing us. Of course I never spoke about that. I knew it was not exactly what 8-year-olds were supposed to think about.

Step 7 starts with things being more pleasant, and colored from within with light. To me it is as if things which normally are just regular life start to shimmer kinda like the moments when light afternoon light hits the adobes.  In those moments, I feel clear, free, energized and alive. The dilemma is that the moments fade and the fears come. The density of the *have to's* start dragging me down.

What happens though is that the more I *do the food* ( code for the 6 steps before), the less the fading happens. Do the food skillfully, not with perfection, but with joy, and there is less fading. Do the food and everything has meaning. I start to understand why things are the way they are and how I am a part of it.

To my surprise, I noticed that Step 7 is actually developmental. First we learn to tolerate being in a new space of steadiness. It is disorienting at first.  Then we start liking it. We want it, we invite it and we embrace it. We learn that doing the food lets us decide to connect with the deepest part of who we are. We learn that we can decide to live with Grace flowing.  And when we are there, we see Grace everywhere, and everything reveals its true meaning. Life just works.

So yes, Step 7 really is the *get a life* step. All these years I kept it vague so you wouldn't get scared or you wouldn't think I was too weird.  The irony is that it couldn't stay vague because YOU lived into it and the power of Step 7 started revealing itself. It is as if Step 7 is the great revealer. We do the food and incrementally everything changes. When we started, this way of being was simply not in our consciousness. But things just changed. 

But we don't want to scare you if it seems too big. We stick with breakfast and just keep asking how that breakfast is going.
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