October 15, 2017

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Balloon fiesta continued all week. It was a magic week in Albuquerque. On Thursday morning I drove down to the end of 4th St and found a spot to pull off the road and just sit and appreciate the beauty of it.
Yesterday, some friends called to tell me they had found a dog on the side of the road. Could they bring it to me?  You know I said yes. It wasn't a golden retriever, but I figured we would sort it out. This was my house this morning. Life in New Mexico is never dull.

I have been talking about our new recipe section for the website. I am excited to announce it. Go to www.radiantrecovery.com and open LEARN. I have put a link in the drop down menu. See what you think. Share on the forum so we can hear your reaction. A lot of people helped put it together.I am pleased.

 Support for Your Program
Signature Consultation Light with Kathleen

I am introducing a new support option for you. I am not sure I made it clear in my announcement last week what this was. We wanted to make something that was between a full scale private 90 day commitment and was more individualized than the Apprentice Coaching plan.
It includes:
  • A one hour individual assessment with me including a phone session, a written review and a journal assessment.
  • A membership in the YLD program
  • A ninety day (12 week) intensive individual coaching in the apprentice program.

Radiant Coaching

Coaching is individualized support directly from Kathleen. We have an apprentice coaching group to work on Steps 1-3. Everyone gets individualized attention suited to where she or he is in the process. The commitment is for 2 week intervals.The fee for individual coaching from Kathleen is $20 a week billed in 2 week intervals.


This class will start, Wednesday, October 17th
We delayed starting for a week to let the rest of you get signed up.

Using The Resources of the Community

This is also a free introductory class to show you around resources offered.
​​​​​​​We will explain how the newsletter works, give you a look at the Community Forum, explain how the groups work, talk about the classes and the Weight Loss Program called Your Last Diet and anything else you might be wondering about.

This Class will start Wednesday, October 25th
Radiant Step Two

This class will be held on the step two list.  You simply have to be a member of the list to participate.
“There is no failure in this plan. There is only more information to help you learn about your body and your self.

​​​​​​​Testimonial of the Week

Really interesting in Chat last night. We were bouncing round some ideas as usual which I find really thought provoking as well as entertaining and feel-good.

I was remembering, when I found the forum, I wanted to talk about how anxious I was feeling, and how fat I was and how that was affecting my life. And how everything was ruled and constricted by diet.

Everyone kept going on about breakfast, and I didn't understand it. I was doing breakfast. I wanted to say..... BUT............ I'm eating it. And I feel rubbish. Whyy do you go ON and ON about it

Retrospect is a marvellous thing isn't it 

I didn't see any of it at the time, it worked in spite of that, it was only about end of step three that I could see the point

what did breakfast do for me ? 
*my most important perhaps - it started to just steady my blood sugar that little bit 
*it started to calm my ups and down of beta endorphin 
* I started to listen in a small way to what my body said 
* I realised I focused on problems rather than solutions 
* I saw I had my spotlight on what I don't like, rather than the pleasure of what I do 
* Ive always been interested in others thoughts but I actually started to hear 
* realised"mistake" is never a mistake its just learning stuff 
*it made me take care of just Me 
* I started to see my own manipulations of making life difficult and it doesnt have to be like that 
* it slowed my "Driven" feelings where I got weight obsessed 
*it was a relief and structure to hold on to 
*it brought a focus point in which distracted me from other nonsense 
*it gave me a feeling of achievement 
* I finally saw there were four parts not just throw myself at it .... I can perceive detail.... achievement! 
* I see I can do just one thing at a time, it doesn't have to be 100% All The Time 
*it widened my horizons, 
* got me out of feeling stuck 
* I could see I'm not alone 
*it tapped into my forward planning skills 
*it reinforced my cooking skills 
* it made me interested in taste again 
* I could engage with textures too instead of an unconscious switched off approach to dining 
* I didn't have to breakfast in front of the telly to distract me, I could invent my own Morning Place by the French windows. My Place. 
* it made me sit and take a minute 
*encouraged me to try new things 
* made me weigh up the advantages of convenience 
* helped me listen to other ideas 
* stopped me dieting just that little bit 
*helped me let go of some ingrained ideas 
*started me off in a community feeling 
* realised it wasn't just me 
* able to follow an instruction - not blindly, but use my interpretation 
*got my interest 
*realised shake wasn't necessarily a dieting enemy but could be an advantage 
* same with cottage cheese 
* realised within the hour wasn't something designed to ruin my life after all 
* realise it was all about what suits ME 
* see that it was MY decisions that were important 
*see how organised I am ! Proud! 
* see how capable I have actually always been 
* see which browns suit me best 
* play with the proteins I like best 
* Yes, play and experiment is Good, I don't have to do rigid control 
* reinforce the things I know I don't like - and I don't have to have them . Things like grapefruit cos its supposed to be good for me. No thanks - and that's for all the years of "diet foods" 
* found out chicken stew is really good for breakfast 
*same for chilli 
* can be proud of ALL this 
* every tiny thing can be acknowledged and celebrated 
* and if I want blue cheese for breakfast its ok because its what *I* want 
*I* get to choose everything = freedom

I'm sure I could go on but its time for a breather  
I smile now that I I never saw a thing before step three when I woke up a bit

some things no doubt repeated  as that was just' thinking'.....some things deserve repeating  Like, what did you have for breakfast? Makes you think   

what are your breakfast specials? 

Radiant Recovery Store​​​​​​​
As the holidays are coming round, I wanted to remind you about our cookbook. It has some great recipes. But it also has lots of other neat stuff, like info on browns and how to calculate proteins and material that has not been published anywhere.

I love the cookbook. I think it is a great resource for any radiant kitchen, or for any kitchen wanting to be radiant.
Come visit our STORE.  Call 505-345-3737 if you have questions. I am always happy to help.
Science Tidbits
Living Near a Forest Keeps your Amygdala Healthier.

This was a fun read. I loved that they could actually identify which part of the brain was correlated to forest proximity. And they rightly say they don't know whether the forest affects the brain or that people with certain amygdala configurations are drawn to live near the forest. But you can see what you think. I am going to give you the short cite and also the original for those who are brain geeks. See what you think.

Here is the clip from science news.

And here is the original article from Nature.


Non Dairy Cheese Cake (Pareve)

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup almonds
  • 1/2 cup pecans
  • 1/4 cup peanuts
  • 2 Tbsp. sugar free grated coconut
  • 2 Tbsp. vanilla
  • 2 Tbsp. cinnamon
  • 6 Tbsp. light tasting olive oil 
  • Roast all ingredients, except oil, at 350 degrees in a pan for about 15-20 minutes until golden and toasted. Process the mixture in a blender or food processor until finely chopped. Place oat/nut mixture into a 10 inch cheesecake pan and add 6 tablespoons of oil and mix well. Press into pan to form crust.

  • 2 8 oz. containers of tofu cream cheese non-hydrogenated only
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 1 T. vanilla
  • 1 T. strawberry all fruit spread
  • 1 jar banana baby food (or 1/2 cup of mashed fresh banana � use a blender)
  • Cream tofu cream cheese and eggs. Add vanilla, strawberry all fruit and banana and cream until smooth. Pour onto prepared crust. Bake at 350 for 50 minutes to 1 hour, until top is golden and middle is firmly set. 
This recipe makes 1 10 inch cheesecake

For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store and visit our online Radiant Recipes site.​​​​​​​
Radiant YLD

I thought you would enjoy hearing from some members:

In the 2 years after I reached Step 7, I lost a total of 38 pounds.  In the last year and a half, I have maintained my weight and have neither gained nor lost weight – even over the holidays.  This is a first for me.  By changing what I ate and when, I have finally been able to stop the roller coaster weight pattern I had for most of my life.  I also no longer suffer from the depression that led to many of my eating “binges”.  I do think the program has helped me tremendously.

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here.  

New Thoughts About Halloween

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.​​​​​​​

I thought you would enjoy reading this now. ​​​​​​​Many of the parents originally felt stumped by Halloween, the Queen of all sugar holidays. But they are getting creative. Vicki is making changes in the treats she offers:
Last year I bought little things, like pencils, cheap Harry Potter glasses, the Halloween long scary fake fingernails, things from the birthday gift aisle at Wal-Mart, etc. and put them in little gift bags tied with a ribbon. My son helped me put them together. We just did a few each night for about a week. I spent a little more than I would have on candy, but I didn't feel guilty about handing them out. I gave a bag to a few friends' kids and they loved them, so I am assuming that the kids at the door liked them too.
Here are some other goodies our moms give out: 
  • Small packets of pencils
  • Microwave popcorn from Costco
  • Small toys from Oriental Trading Company (you can buy these on line or through their catalogue)
  • Small bags of pretzels
  • Small bags of Goldfish
  • Packets of cheese or peanut butter crackers
Gail actually “buys" her girls' candy - she purchases the candy from them in exchange for cash, which they use to buy things they really want, like music CDs. She got a number of the other parents intrigued by this idea. Vicki liked it a lot:
For the past two years, I have bought back my kids' candy. I will give them $15 each and they would much rather have the money than the candy. Originally, I let them pick out 5 pieces that they could have with meals, but not all at once. This year I am going to tell them that I will buy all their candy for $20. Even the five pieces is making me uncomfortable now. Of course that doesn't mean they won't sneak some while they are out trick-or-treating, but at least I am making a dent!
Melanie now does a sugar-free Halloween party with finger foods and games. She holds a costume contest and then the kids all make jack-o-lanterns together. No one even thinks about the candy any more. Maggi does the same in a big way:
I decided that we would make our Halloween tradition about the pumpkin carving and the costume. That way, there is a special trip to pick out the pumpkin, carve it and eat dinner in the dark by pumpkin candlelight on Halloween. The other thing I had always wanted to do was to teach my son how to sew -- he picks out his costume, we go to the fabric store, pick out patterns, he chooses the fabric and we sew it together (that means I do 90 percent of the work, and he sews a few straight seams, pins the pattern and pins fabric...). This has worked great, as he has costumes for dramatic play that are really nice that he uses all the time throughout the year. The costumes this way are a little pricey and very labor intensive for mom, but his cool midnight blue with silver trim wizard costume will be treasured for many years.
Janie raised yet another alternative. She and her family simply are simply not going to do Halloween.
We decided we are going to go to the Grand Canyon! We will stay a couple of days and then drive the whole way back on Halloween. So we will miss the stupid holiday all together and not have to worry about it. I will, of course, talk to them about all the fun we will be having on our trip, and all the fun things we will be doing instead of trick or treating.

From Little Sugar Addicts

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