October 29, 2017

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I will be leaving for Boston tomorrow on my way to England for Euroranch. The dog plan is set. The groceries are in the refrigerator, the instructions are on a spreadsheet. Laundry is done. Bag is ready to be packed. Will finish writing out my itinerary and will be asking Outi to help with getting a UK SIM card when I get to Salisbury. You can see that the details of my life change when I go traveling.

I left out the science section this week because the newsletter is long. And I will be resting and doing some traveling for fun for a week after Ranch. The mentors are all set to care for you.

I am looking forward to seeing our UK and Euro friends at the Red LIon Inn in Salisbury. The Red Lion was built in the 1200's to house the stonemasons who built the cathedral. Send us good vibes.​​​​​​​
 Support for Your Program


This class will start, Wednesday, November 1

Using The Resources of the Community

We have extended the start time for this class since a number of very new people wanted to take it. This is a free introductory class to show you around the resources offered in the community. We will explain how the newsletter works, give you a look at the Community Forum, explain how the groups work, talk about the classes and the Weight Loss Program called Your Last Diet and anything else you might be wondering about.                                                                                                        Signup
Follow your shadow and you will be healed.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Testimonial of the Week

I just had a then and now experience. 
It might seem a bit frivolous but 
it is a huge thing for me

A big piece for me has been finding 
out about beta endorphin and how 
that works with me. I've always 
appeared really quite successful - 
whether in career or friends or 
family. But underneath the act 

there was no self confidence at 

So a wedding, years ago. I wore an 
old dress because it was the only 

thing that fitted. I had been 
shopping and got upset in the 
changing rooms trying to find 
something new, but everything 
looked dreadful. I heard guests 
say about me, oh I wouldn't have 
recognised her she got so fat. At 

the friends photographs I was 

For the group photo, I 
couldn't escape so I hid right at the back,

and the photographer 
tried to pull me forwards and I 
wouldn't go. Afterwards my friend 
old me she was upset I wasn't 
on the photos and she could only see 
my hat . Well that suited me. The 
whole thing was an awful ordeal. I 
was tearful in the weeks before, 
overcome with emotion on the day 

and sad afterwards. Not that 
anyone would have known.

But my friend had wanted me there no 
matter what and wanted me recorded 
in the day, which didn't happen.. 
Sad, isn't it.

I went shopping the other week for a 
future wedding. (Its actually 
wonderful to know I will still fit 

in my dress on the day as I used 
to be very variable with clothes). 
I am really looking forwards to 
it. I went shopping and tried on 

eight outfits. Some of them looked 
awful, but that was ok because 
they weren't the right design for 
me. Some looked ok. Two looked 

amazing. So I bought both to treat 
myself. I will be just great at 
this wedding . No need to hide or 
feel less-than, I will look a 
million dollars, be present and 
involved and have a great time. 
And take those happy memories 

forwards with me. Such a 

Mosaic  (written in her own style)

Radiant Recovery Store​​​​​​​
This is a commentary from Kathleen. Last week, our newsletter software did not *take* the corrections I made so you got the image of the cookbook and some text about *dry eye*...so...no, the cookbook will not solve your eye frustrations, I promise. I was in fact totally mortified by this error since I had worked so hard on that newsletter. Today I feel better about it.

I was recently having a discussion with some people about planning what used to be our Christmas Party. We have been working on making that more inclusive so last year we named it a *holiday party*. But of course people continued to be upset by that because they wanted the decorations to be the same. I talked with a friend who is a Jewish Cantor and asked her opinion. She said, well adding Hanukah decorations won't solve the problem. It got me thinking. What would work for me...and what could I suggest.

I came up with the idea of celebrating a time of light in the darkness. That is what I am going to go with. You will see this theme appearing in different places. But think of the cookbook as a little beacon in the darkness of sugarcentric recipes. I love the cookbook!

Come visit our STORE.  Call 505-345-3737 if you have questions. David is always happy to help.

Apple Cheddar Pie

I am going to start posting our program friendly holiday recipes so you will have them now.  You can find this recipe on the Recipe Pages of the website.  This is one of my favorite recipes. I actually don't care for pie, but I LOVE this one.

For great program-friendly recipes, check out our Cookbook in the store and visit our online Radiant Recipes site.
Radiant YLD

This is a note I recently wrote to someone who is struggling with her weight and being on step one.

All of us understand the dilemma. Here is something to think about..All these years the terror of the fat has driven you. Nothing you have done has solved that. And the way you have compensated for the terror is to not eat (restrict) having breakfast as if that would keep the pounds at bay. 

What you have done in the past does not work. If it had, you wouldn’t be here.
If it comforts you, you can go back to your favorite diet. Usually we go back to some iteration of Atkins, though now it is called Paleo or Keto and feel fabulous for a few weeks and then crash and burn when the serotonin deficit kicks in. You can do that.
Or you could be really bold and come face to face with the real problem.
You can do this program and it does not have to take 7 years to lose weight. You know how to lose weight. You can heal first and then you can use your skills with weight loss to tackle it.

Don’t fool yourself that you *can’t deal with it” …this is what we all tell ourselves.  The pain of being fat is sooooo big, we have to eat for comfort. Part of being sugar sensitive is running from pain. Being fat is functional. The pain is about not being seen, not being accepted, being an object of disgust and all that…if you want to look at that stuff, come over to YLD. That is what we do there. Learning how to hold the pain while we heal.
You can do it a different way.

And then Angella chimed in:

I just want to second what Kathleen said about YLD and add a little more.  For me, YLD has been a place of incredible learning, safety, and support as I worked through my relationship with my body, with food, with how I felt about myself, and how I saw the world.   Stuff that moving into a life of healing and recovery caused to burble up.  Being supported by a community of people who totally get what it's like living in a sugar sensitive body made a huge difference.  And YLD has given me the tools to be at a weight and fitness level that I feel great about.  

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here.  

Radiant Living
Radiant Living is kinda the *after the food* place. If you are steady with your food, think about becoming a Living member to share in our weekly chats on life topics. Life topics do include such things as using Patreon to support creative endeavor.

If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here.
Weight Loss the YLD Way

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.​​​​​​​

And the picture above is not about how we do it in YLD. This is an article for all of you who have come here to lose weight. This might mean losing pounds, we're losing fear or  anxiety or conflict about who you are. Mostly, though not always, it is about weighing "too much". Sometimes it is about the fear of weighing too much.

Our culture says if we are heavy, we are diseased we are less than, not lovable, not valued. And I know that any one of you who has experienced this knows exactly what I mean. This cellular angst from being judged as flawed because of our size is profound.
It is something which certainly burdened me for many years. I thought I understood it, I wrote a book about it. Then I went through menopause, I went through some pretty major grief stuff and I gained weight. The people who were deeply connected to me overlooked this because the connection was so deep and so healing that they saw "me" and not an image of what society determined I should look like.

These people, the connected ones, knew that in fact we were sharing the same journey on some very deep level. And for me, I had to wade through the levels of our collective story. That process was sometimes delightful and sometimes profoundly lonely. Sometimes the burden of the weight I carried almost crushed my spirit because I didn't understand why. On another I level the not understanding why meant I kept asking questions and looking for answers. Why did we not lose weight effortlessly? 
One evening when I was meditating, I had this thought, "Kathleen just stop fretting. You are a living into a process. It will make sense later."

My scale broke, I threw it away. I bought a pair of $90 jeans for fat people. They were amazing but they didn't fit right. I called the company because they had a guarantee which said no matter what call us. She said send them back. She sent a pair two sizes smaller. They fit. Then I started to look at what might need to be refined in our protocol.
During the summer the mentors and I were talking about how to resolve the dilemma of carbs in losing weight. We had some people who felt that a no carb, high fat plan is the way to go. They lost weight. They felt euphoric. I was not happy. Every cell in my body resisted this idea as being nuts. My experience of their energy was they got brittle and weird. They thought I was being dogmatic. And, though we never talked about this part they were losing weight and I was not. Talk about a spiritual dilemma.

Remember now, these were people I love, trust and care for. I decided I would listen, learn more. I decided to be open and see if I could discern a way through our differences. I did what I do best. I went back to the science. I reread it with a new eye. I listened to people. I listened to them on a deeper level. I found out the story is much more nuanced than any of us thought. Those who were working from a place of addiction being healed, who are not in fear, had the ability to discern what was right for them. They could dialogue, engage and explore. They could find "best browns" and discern the "sweet spot" for carb levels.Those who had not healed their addiction got mad, isolated, blamed me, blamed the program for failing them.

I worked on deepening my own healing and let their knowing seep in. Here is what I have come to: Our bodies have a profound ability to guide us. We as a group have an astounding set of lived experience to guide us in the refinement of the original version outlined in YLD. As a leader, I have the ability to translate this into a simple set of directions. PNP is about healing the addiction. YLD was incomplete. I didn't know about menopause,emotional nuance, and how to look at carbs differently. Now I do. And if I do, you will as well.

Here is the thing. If you think the weight issue is about how much you weigh you're missing the chance to step into a level of healing beyond anything you could ever have imagined. The weight struggle is really about the burden of being dismissed, not seen, not valued, judged or made invisible. The weight is about the sorrow we have carried because of it.

You can cast off the sorrow part more quickly than the pounds. Emotional baggage is more fluid than physical baggage. You don't need therapy to do it. You don't need to keep questioning either. We have answers if you are open to them. Remarkably, YLD, the haven for the fat or fat fearful, has become the place of Joy. When joy dots guide your life, you discover radiance. When we do that together, we live in Radiant Recovery.
Stay tuned. I will be writing more about this as we continue the journey.

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