December 10, 2017

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I am exploring some changes to see if they make the newsletter and the community more exciting. Last week I asked your input on our recipe offerings. Thank you for all your input. We decided we will design a special resource center to support you in making program friendly meals. It will offer planning ideas, conversion from regular to program friendly options, holiday ideas and such. We will make suggestions and then link over to the recipes in the new format. We will go through all the 1000+ recipes scattered throughout the site and the newsletters, pick the best and most loved and repost them in the new format. Remember this is all being done by the dedicated community members who volunteer their time to make it possible to offer all these resources at no charge,

We have started the reflections class and people are enjoying it. It is very quieting for all of us.

And, last but not least, I am getting a new Golden Retriever rescue who is blind and was kept chained in the yard and abandoned by her people when they moved. Her name is Lacey.
 Support for Your Program

Share with others, ask questions, explore everything and anything about your program without a charge..

Learn the steps, get fit safely, learn creative program cooking, learn about depression, learn with other men, learn with parents, share in local areas. There is no charge for groups.


Radiant Reflections​​​​​​​
A special class we do each year to remember what this time of year is about. It is a way for us to connect to the light in the darkness. This year, this is especially appropriate. You all are invited to join regardless of your religious tradition or background. Love to have you. It is very settling. There is no charge for this class. You may still join us if you are interested.


We are incredibly fortunate to have direct access to the person who identified Sugar Sensitivity and who researches and writes about the solutions. 

“This is a new language called Body Talk!”
Testimonial of the Week
Now I have gotten to thinking about the "new" things I like about celebrating Christmas.
Mommy/grandma no longer has "melt downs" on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
Planned snacks are the order of the days for the next two weeks. I want to have tons of energy and no blood sugar crashes.
I will have a celebration meal that is program friendly.
If it snows I will be outside playing with the grands.
I enjoy finding new foods for everyone to enjoy with me.
I have more energy to go out shopping and doing some of the cultural things the city has to offer. 
If there is something that I don't enjoy I have no problem saying "count me out."
When I am tired I just go to bed. If there are things left to do and I don't get to them, than so be it.
I really enjoy seeing all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.
I don't miss all the pain from eating Christmas "treats."
Everyone will eat a program friendly Christmas breakfast. I want my grandsons to enjoy the day without being little ss grumps.
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Kathleen spent 2 years researching options for making a shake. She learned all about different kinds of proteins and which were the healthiest. She found a whey protein isolate that is from grass fed cows in New Mexico who are not given hormones. She made up a formula that tastes fabulous. She found a blender in the US and has it made frequently enough so you know it is fresh. Everyone who uses it, loves it. I have been told it is the best product they have used.
Two Different Latkes
Here are two delicious latke recipes from our very own Gail. Even if you don't celebrate Chanukah, these would make great browns for your meals!

Traditional Latkes

  • 4 medium potatoes
  • 1 onion
  •  2 eggs
  •  3 T flour ( any kind, I use Kathleen's baking mix)
  •  1 tsp salt
  •  Dash of pepper
  •  1 tsp baking powder ( omit with Kathleen's baking mix)
  •  Oil for frying
  •  Grate potatoes, skin and all. I usually use a lighter skin potato like red bliss and I sometimes throw them in the food processor.
  •  Grate the onion.
  •  Squeeze the extra moisture out of the potato and onion.
  •  Combine all other ingredients, mix well.
  •  Heat oil in medium frying pan, drop by tablespoons, and fry until bottom is golden brown. Flip and brown other side. Drain on paper towels.
  • Serve with applesauce or sour cream.

Sweet Potato Latkes
This recipe I have played with some. They don't usually come out as crispy.
  •  2 sweet potatoes
  •  2 eggs, lightly beaten
  •  2 T flour (any kind)
  •  Cinnamon to taste
  •  Dash of salt
  • Peel and shred the potatoes. I guess you could leave the skin on, but we don't.   Squeeze the extra liquid out.
  • Combine all other ingredients, mix well.
  •  Heat oil in medium frying pan, drop by tablespoons, and fry until bottom is golden brown. Flip and brown other side. Drain on paper towels.


For more great program-friendly recipes, check our recipe pages
Radiant Living​​​​​​​
If you love the steps, believe in their power and want to learn to live differently, this is such a support for that.  Radiant Living is a membership program that gives you a special private group with Kathleen and a weekly chat.

If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here.
Your Last Diet

As most of you know, YLD online was started to support folks who want to lose weight. The entire program is structured to support our concept that if you heal the body first, then the weight loss will be permanent. In the process of the work, we discovered that some folks are really resistant to losing weight. They have the motivation, the skill and the commitment, but the pounds would not budge. Rather than claiming failure, we took it as an opportunity to learn more. We found the last variables we needed for the weight loss resistant. It is so exciting for me to truly know that hope is possible. You do not have to be fat. This is not a magic pill, but it is a real solution.

I know that many folks are planning on a winter gift of the program.  And you do not have to be on step 7 to join YLD. We will plug you in right where you are. 

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here.  

Being Quiet With The Light

If you have been raised in a Christian Tradition, it is easy to think of this time as year as *Christmas time*. As we have been doing the Holy Nights class, I have been reflecting on many of the traditions from different cultures that honor this time of the light returning to the darkness. At one point when I was working with the people from Hopi, they explained politely that they would not be available during the midwinter time called Soyal. I was not familiar with the ceremonial period, so I went to the web to learn a little more. The concepts of Soyal have become a part of my life. I would say that, in fact, these concepts have informed the Holy Nights Class more than anything.

What does it mean to sit with the darkness? To be quiet, to not screech around and make noise, whether with our mouths or our energy? How might the year be different if we welcome it with reflection and gratitude? How might we shape our journey by being intentional and thoughtful?

A few years ago, I moved to the coast of Maine for the winter. I left bright blue skies in New Mexico for the whites and greys of the beach by the sea. It started to be dark at 3:30 and dawn straggles in after 7, sort of as the grey turns a wee bit brighter.
When I arrived, I wondered, *what have I done?*...but as the darkness wrapped me, I was quieter. My soyal was growing, flowing into my heart. I wanted more than anything to ask the spirits to listen to me and bring the rain of loving care down upon the world. This is even more true now.

This happens as we connect. As each of us gets quiet, remembers to be grateful and works to be be healed, the rain of loving care flows everywhere.
I wish you a deep and wonderful light in the darkness. 

This is grace unfolding, we are not alone.

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