January 7, 2018

Hi, {!firstname_fix},

I promised I wouldn't do anymore chocolate pictures. I was doing a market test to see if the pictures made a difference in how many people read the newsletter. This is a picture of my 1953 Chevy Truck with Josie in it. If you want to. know who I really am, this will tell you.

I am sorry the newsletter is late this week. I actually had a major plumbing problem which meant water was backing up into the tubs, water was leaking out under the toilet onto the hardwood floors so I just got waylaid.  I think I will put a newsletter *on tap* for unplanned for events like that. For those of you who have an image of Radiant Recovery® being a huge corporation like the Washington Post, you can now know the truth of it. It is a small operation and if the sewer backs up, the presses go down.

Ok, so let's catch up with some planning things.

 Radiant Ranch will be here in Albuquerque in May [18-19-20]. Someone asked me what the specific context will be and why might she want to come. The focus this year will be on connecting life purpose to doing the food - what that looks like and how it unfolds.  The people who come to Ranch find that sharing an experience with other men and women who hold the same values is always VERY helpful to them.

And, yes, I will be doing a one day seminar in Sarasota, FL on Sat, February 24. Check it out on the website under LEARN. If you are somewhere and would like me to come to your town, post it on the community forum and we can see about it.

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We are incredibly fortunate to have direct access to the person who identified Sugar Sensitivity and who researches and writes about the solutions. I do coaching in small groups and work with people individually who are ready for more intensive guidance.

“When you pay attention to your body, you are sending it a message that is valuable. If your body feels valuable, it will talk to you more.”
Testimonial of the Week
Hi on newsletter Kathleen's quote of the week says, "As you *do the food* you are going to reconnect with your birthright." Call me stupid, but I don't have a clue what reconnecting with your birthright means. I have a vague image what this might mean but I have to tell ya I'm really a bozo on this one. Could someone enlighten me....I might be missing something important here.........your bozo buddy ted

Hey Ted! Love your honesty.

Birthright! Ok...that is how we are before sugar, alcohol, drugs, work addiction get to us. Playful, funny, confident, supple, resilient, exploratory. Eat for the joy of it, want to learn everything. Life is a miracle. Think perhaps of a 3 year old next to a fountain. Mom having coffee with a good friend. Little one is safe, sitting on the terrace enchanted with the leaves floating in the water. That is all there is. The moment.

Perhaps you cannot imagine that for an adult. Here is another picture. Sitting on the porch in the early morning watching the sun rise over the mountains. The dogs are playing bite the head in the yard. The sky is blue. I am not fretting, do not feel fat, am not in angst over bills or what I have to be. Not concerned about whether my children are doing well with their lives. I am just there in that moment enjoying the light and the dogs.

It is not cosmic. But it is the food. If my program wobbles, I do not see blue sky or funny dogs. I see too much to do, not enough time, getting older, feeling creaky, worrying about money or retirement or whatever. Not the same.

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If you heal the body first, then your weight loss will be permanent. We found the last variables needed for the weight loss resistant. It is so exciting for me to truly know that hope is possible. You do not have to be fat. This is not a magic pill, but it is a real solution.

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The Law of Threes
I usually put this in the newsletter the first week of January. It is one of my most favorite articles. I have often been asked why I don't provide a whole list of supplements. "Why only three, Kathleen?" 

I operate under The Law of Threes. (I made it up.) 

I firmly believe that we sugar sensitive people have "mMush brains." We are smart and intuitive but we have a very hard time "remembering" what we are supposed to do. 
However, I have found that I can easily remember three things. 

Three key issues (blood sugar, serotonin, beta endorphin), three meals, three vitamins. I thought it would be a good idea to put The Law of Threes to use. Every year between my birthday in late November and Christmas, I begin thinking about the year completed and the year to come. Where have I been, where do I want to grow and what will it take to get there? 

In the past, I would write out many goals. Once I even bought one of those expensive planning systems which provided space in my appointment book to see how I was progressing with each goal. I think we had seven areas to work with. But after about two weeks, my enthusiasm petered out. I couldn't remember everything I was supposed to be doing, so I simply stopped doing any of it. Sounds like a sugar sensitive person, don't you think? 

Then I started working with The Law of Threes. I could remember three things. The idea grew with me. It simplifies and focuses my direction. My goals:
    •    Simplicity
    •    Order
    •    Kindness
I majored in philosophy in college. It is easy for me to conceptualize global ideas. So even though there are only three goals, they still seemed to be pretty abstract. 
So I said, "Okay, Kathleen, what do you mean? Let's get concrete and specific, here." It was fun to tag each goal to a very specific area - making it do-able. So I got to pick three applications for my three goals. 

Here is what I chose:
    •    Simplicity - Food
    •    Order - Money
    •    Kindness - Exercise

I was getting closer. But what do "food, money and exercise" mean? Back to the drawing board I went. Remember now, I was still working with The Law of Threes, so I didn't let myself start making up lists.  Oh, I wanted to. I wanted lists big time. All the things I would do with my food, all the strategies with money, and many, many options for exercise. But I held my pen and worked on holding my brain. I admit that I kept wanting to drift off in wild reflection... "Well, you could do this...." 

"Three, you get to choose three," I told myself. So I went back to my little grid (you know I love those grids)! It made me laugh.
    •    Simplicity - Food - 3 meals each day.
    •    Order - Money - Pay bills on time.
    •    Kindness - Exercise - Do it.

This wasn't cosmic. I just have to worry about three specific jobs: 3 meals each day. Pay bills on time. Do it. 

Of course there will be other things I have to figure out in order to manage these three. I will have to watch the time, go grocery shopping, decide what to cook when, what to eat. But I can just keep the focus on the end task - eat three meals every day. 

The same is true for paying the bills on time. I have to remember to bring the mail in, to open it, to register that it is a bill, to note the day it is due, to make sure the money is in the right account. You know the drill. We tend to drift and then we get in trouble. La-La land I call this. In the past, when I hit La-La land, I would get upset and feel badly, and then would have to avoid those feelings by not doing anything. 

Now my pattern is to stay focused on what is manageable. Pay the bills on time. Eat three meals. Exercise. 

The end of the story? 

If I do my three things, I will get to my goals. 

See if you can boil down what you want for next year into three things. Get real simple and real focused and see how it goes. 
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