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January 21, 2017

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Well, first of all I would like to welcome the almost 700 people who have joined us in the last week! That Annie column reached into every corner of the USA and clearly touched a chord. This is where we heal sugar addiction. We have been on the task for 20 years.  I think you will find you are not only comforted here, but you will get some skills beyond your wildest dreams.  Let me offer you a couple of suggestions to get started.
  • Go back over to the website and click on the tab that says START and read everything under that tab.
  • Sign up for the Using the Resources of the Community orientation. Yvonne will run it again for the Annie people as soon as she is finished with the current class. Sign up now so you get a spot.
  • Join the Step One List - it is listed undert the tab that says SUPPORT. Jodi will soon start the Step One class once she gets everyone settled. She does it right on the list and there is no charge for it. 
The other really, really important thing is DO NOT STOP sugar right away!!!! It will totally mess your brain up. I don't care if everyone is telling you to do it, or if your doctor is telling you to do it. They do not know the brain chemistry of it. Learn stuff here. Be really bold and trust. my advice. In a few months you will totally understand why I say this.

Let's continue with our regular announcements....

I am glad so many of you had a chance to listen to the interview I did on NPR from Connecticut. If you missed it, here is the link. I really enjoyed doing it and it made me realize the strength of what we are doing in the community. Science is catching up, but we have the solution of how to heal sugar addiction! If you like the segment, make sure to tell the station. It will make them take notice that it is a good topic.

I have planned a day long seminar in Sarasota, Florida next month. I did some metrics on those of you who had signed up for the newsletter and discovered that a HUGE number of you are from Florida. I had planned to visit my brother, but thought you might enjoy coming to hear about the steps in person. I have reduced the cost of the seminar to $10  because I would really love to meet our Florida Annie people. Sign up if you want to come over.. This is a good option for newcomers.

 And for the rest of you, if you are tired of cold and snow, it might be a fun outing for you. Frontier Airlines  is running specials to Sarasota.
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Learn the steps, get fit safely, learn creative program cooking, learn about depression, learn with other men, learn with parents, share in local areas. There is no charge for groups.


These classes will start soon 

Step One - This Class will start as soon as Jodi gets everyone settled.
This class will be held right on the step one group list. there is no charge for it. But you need to be in the Step One Group to take it.

Fat Terror will start as soon as I can catch my breath from the Annie tidal wave. Patience please.

A special class for members of the YLD Program who are very concerned about their weight. This will address the feelings and fear you have about your weight and doing the program. It is open to members of the Your Last Diet Program.

If you are not a YLD member and have not joined because of finances, please write me. I am just setting up a monthly payment plan for it.

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I feel very strongly about offering you a way to work with me directly. I have set up a whole range of options for you to do that going from private coaching to being involved in small groups. The link will show you all the choices. And you can always call 505-345-3737 and ask me about how each works.

“Being steady means being firm, unfaltering, unflappable, and unwavering. Being steady means driving in cruise control. ”
Testimonial of the Week
I had my annual physical and check up this week. My nurse practioner called me to tell me my cholesterol has gone down from 255-177. Now that's more like it!!! She said she's never seen a drop like that without medicines. I'm so happy right now!
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David, the store manager is always happy to help.​​​​​​​ He is also my oldest son :)

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Breakfast Casserole
I know this is a shocking thought, but these brownies have NO sugar and they are totally delicious. We all love them.

Radiant Living​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Ok, I decided that I need to change the description of this plan. I think maybe I need to hold a contest on the Living list because describing what we do is almost impossible. Like trying to catch a goldfish in a Lily pond.  I will bring it to Living Chat again tomorrow. And those are not really goldfish, LOL. I just happen to LOVE the picture.

Your Last Diet

You probably read above that I will be starting the Fat Terror Class shortly.  It will be part of the weight loss series I will do in YLD.​​​​​​​

I know that some of you don't always get to chat. And I also know that just reading the transcript may not give you a real sense of what happens. There is an art to transcript reading because the flow of the conversation is not exactly logical the way a printed piece would be. Also the transcript rarely captures the nuance and joy of real-time interaction.  I am thinking about offering a *guest* option for you to attend a chat and see what you think. My dilemma is that you might come in on one of the days that we are utterly goofy and you will end up thinking why would anyone ever want to do THAT! Sometimes it is a little hard to explain, LOL, that learning to be silly is part of healing sugar sensitive grim. 

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here.  ​​​​​​​
The C57 Story

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

Science has a lot to learn about sugar sensitivity. We can't just go to PubMed, put 'sugar sensitivity' in the search field and find hundreds or thousands of citations telling us all about our unique bodies and behaviors. But the story is there in the science writings, encoded in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. If we listen and watch our own stories, we can go back to the literature and better understand the whys of what we are living.

The Power of the Beta Endorphin Story
I continue to be intrigued by beta-endorphin and it's relationship to the story of sugar sensitivity. I began my relationship with beta-endorphin when I learned two intriguing themes. The first came from the work of Dr. Christine Gianoulakis at McGill University. She noticed that two different strains of mice responded to the effects of alcohol in very different ways. The C57GL/6 mice had a far more potent reaction than their "dry" brothers and sisters, the DBA/2 mice. Because of this intensity of the response, they really go for the booze. C57s are called alcohol-preferring mice and DBAs are called alcohol-avoiding mice.
As an aside, many other studies have shown that not only do the C57s have a high preference for alcohol, they also love sweet things. In fact, some scientists are working with the concept that a preference for sweet may be an indicator of a risk for alcoholism.
Dr. Gianoulakis and her colleagues have worked with these mice for a long time. They discovered that the C57's and the DBA have very different levels of beta-endorphin. The C57's are born with much lower levels of beta endorphin in their brains, so their brains increase the number of receptor sites to try to catch more of the beta endorphin molecules. This is called upregulation. Because they have more places to catch the beta-endorphin, they get a bigger response to things that evoke beta-endorphin.

At Risk For Alcoholism
Dr. Gianoulakis extended her study to people and examined a whole group of people who are known to be genetically predisposed to alcohol addiction, the children and grandchildren of alcoholics. Children and grandchildren of alcoholics seem to be the human equivalent of the C57 mice. They, like the mice, have lowered levels of beta-endorphin and a heightened response to things that evoke beta-endorphin like alcohol and sugars.
As Dr. Gianoulakis was publishing her work, a number of other scientists were noticing that that sucrose quieted pain. They discovered that not only does sucrose quiet physical pain, but also it quiets the pain of loss or social isolation. When a group of baby chicks were taken from their mama, they peeped and peeped. When they were given sugar water, they stopped crying for mama chicken.

Sugar as a Drug
Dr. Elliott Blass, then at Cornell, wanted to understand how this happens. How could sugar act like a drug? He did some experiments and showed that sucrose cut physical and emotional pain by evoking the brain's own beta-endorphin. Beta-endorphin is the body's natural painkiller. It is called an endogenous opioid or internal painkiller. Morphine and heroine are opiate drug, which mean they go and sit in the brain's beta-endorphin receptor sides and get the brain to block pain signals. Sucrose acts like an opioid drug such as morphine or heroin. Not as intensely, but on the same beta-endorphin system.
And, if we return to our friends the C57 and the DBA mice, we discover that the C57s have a 35 times more powerful reaction to morphine than do the DBAs. Think of that. Insert sugar in the place of morphine, and we begin to see why some body and brain types seek it, love it and get addicted to it. Now the sugar story and the connection to C57's is well researched through out the scientific literature. But no one in the science lab is yet making this leap from the C57 profile to the sugar sensitivity profile in people. But the "match" is extraordinary. 

How We Are Like Those C57 Mice
If we start thinking of ourselves as little C57 mice, we can have LOTS of clues about why we act the way we do. And we can start understanding why our DBA friends cannot in any way understand why we keeping going back when hey are able to just say no.
As we continue this discussion, let's stop for a moment and take one cautionary note about our attitudes towards the different types of mice (or people). Scientists do not look down upon the little C57s. Nor do they laud the DBA. They simply know that they are two very distinct strains with different body chemistries. If they wish to look at the effect of a given intervention and want to see the differences in different body types, they order both kinds of mice.

Getting Rid of the Negative Spin
So, we can work on taking the negative judgment and shame off of the C57 way of life. Our first step is understanding. As we get how this works, we can start making choices for healing. And then TURN US LOOSE!
Let me list some of the C57 "facts" I have found with my own research. I can then reflect with you on what it might mean for our healing.
    1    All C57's regardless of their gender like sweet stuff more than DBAs. A C57 male will prefer sweets more than a DBA female will.
    2    In a situation called defeat-induced learned submission, the DBAs looked for an escape, while the C57's crouched, became immobile and defensive. Defeat-induced learned submission comes from a release of beta-endorphin
    3    The defeated mice developed tolerance to the beta-endorphin released in response to defeat.
    4    C57's get hyperactive with morphine. DBAs do not.
    5    Caffeine antagonized the hyperactivity in C57's caused by morphine, i.e. when the C57's were given caffeine and then morphine they did not become hyperactive.
    6    When withdrawing from morphine, C57's become lethargic and passive.
Next week we will Apply the Science to Ourselves 
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