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February 11, 2018

Hi {!firstname_fix},
My lilacs have the tiniest little nubs on them. I gave them water from the well this week. I could feel that they loved it. I am sitting at my desk facing the mountains which are lit up by the late afternoon sun. I have a little aroma diffuser on the desktop that Steph told us about. It changes colors as it exhales whatever scent you put in it. I put *rose* so it smells like Rodin's garden in full bloom. I told Alexa to play Mozart. I have been working all day on the new book. It is almost ready to go off to my editor. She will do the polishing and buffing that editors do while I dive into updating the science. It is like dessert to get to do that part.

I will be off to Florida in another 10 days or so. When I come back I will be putting up a schedule of classes we will be doing over the next few months so you can plan ahead. It will be kind of like a spring seed catalogue.

The new chat rooms are set to go. It may be a bit chaotic learning how to get in. Last week we had a test drive with the mentors and we were all crashing about playing with sounds and avatars. Almost everyone got her picture up and they are a bit bigger so you will actually be able to see what we look like. As you have gathered, it has been a lot of work and taken a fair amount of time, but I think everyone will be as pleased as I am.

 Support for Your Program

Share with others, ask questions, explore everything and anything about your program without a charge.

Learn the steps, get fit safely, learn creative program cooking, learn about depression, learn with other men, learn with parents, share in local areas. There is no charge for groups.


Starting, Wednesday, Feb 21st

Using The Resources of the Community - FREE

This class will teach you all the ins and outs of the resources in the community. You will learn to navigate the community forum, learn how to use the resource center, check out Radiant Ranch, and learn your way around the website. You will be on your way with an invaluable resource in your pocket! There is no charge for this class.


I feel very strongly about offering you a way to work with me directly. I have set up a whole range of options for you to do that going from private coaching to being involved in small groups. The link will show you all the choices. Please note that coaching apprentice is open to people starting or restarting. Coaching skilled is for people who are settled with their steps and want to look at other issues more in depth. Signature coaching is for those who want an individualized program support.

And you can always call 505-345-3737 and ask me about how each works.

"Go into the resource center and learn about joy dots."
Testimonial of the Week

I wanted to let you know that after just two and a half months on this program I saw a number on my bathroom scale that I haven't seen since my first kid was born almost six years ago. I didn't start the program to lose that stubborn weight, I just started it to get healthy. I know you hear these stories a lot, but I felt like I wanted to say thank you. It is a miracle to me.
Radiant Recovery Complete Course

Come visit our STORE.  Call 505-345-3737 if you have questions.
David, the store manager is always happy to help.​​​​​​​ He is also my oldest son :)

Buy Now!
This 3 CD set includes An introduction to sugar sensitivity including blood sugar, serotonin, brain chemistry, beta endorphin, all the steps and a discussion of what else is embedded in each of the steps. If you are an auditory learner, this is an amazing compilation of information.
Gail's Sweet Potato Latkes
I LOVE this recipe. Try it. And they are a great brown to take with you in the car.

Radiant Living
I am changing the rules about Radiant Living and Your Last Diet Chats. If you are a member of either program, you may attend the chats for both Living and YLD. If you would like to attend 2 chats a week, you are more than welcome to do so. This week we will be using our new chat room. I will post the logistics of getting into the room on the Living List. Please go over and practice before chat. Read the room instructions and the guides for chatting. Begin at the landing page.  But remember you will need the password to access the landing page.​​​​​​​

Your Last Diet

 I have gotten a few questions about YLD recently, so I thought I would reiterate them here.

Do I have to be on step 7 to join YLD?
No.In fact, it is great to come join right at the beginning. YLD gives you a whole level of support you can't find anywhere else in the community.

I dont need to lose weight. Is there any point in joining?
Absolutely. The chats alone are worth the price of joining. It is where you can actively participate in shaping the vision of the community, learn about the latest trends, and just have a terrific time with other members from around the world. 

A few weeks ago I had talked about preposting a science topic related to weight loss here in this section and then using that as a topic in chat. I am holding off on that until after everyone is settled in the new room and after I am back from Florida. Thank you for your patience.

If you are not a YLD member, come and join us. If you are a current member and want to join us in the new chat room, come to the landing page.  I will post the page chat words on the YLD list.

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here.  ​​​​​​​
Your Sugar Sensitive Teens

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

Kath sent this note to one of our lists:

This is a warning to all you people who currently have the kitchen available to make your own breakfast in a timely fashion. If you get your children making their own breakfasts, you might have to be even more diligent about watching your breakfast is within an hour because the kitchen can become busy with kids becoming self sufficient!

I have 4 teens. They all do the food. They are all independent breakfast getters, making and eating their own when they wake, getting themselves packed, lunch planned and made, all in the backsack, and off to school whether they are starting early with concert band or choir, taking an excursion, or a normal day.

And when I come in from work, at about 5pm I am likely to be sat down, while they make something for me to eat, before I am allowed to make dinner!

What a wonderful life

This post really stopped me cold. I remember these kids from a while ago. They were all on ADD meds and the household was more like what we tend to think of as a house full of teenagers. We have a picture of what adolescence has to be. But what if that image is not about adolescence, but about the food.

Think about it. Mood swings, outbursts of anger, power struggles, bickering, slamming doors, pouting, self esteem in the gutter, grandiosity overflowing, whining, crying, feeling ugly, fat, out of control, testing limits, being belligerent, having a smart mouth, not wanting to do school work, only wanting to do school work. We think self absorption and angst. And yet listen to what Kath is reporting.

Now that did not happen in a week or a month....but that energy gives me shivers. That energy is the dream of every one of us who has children. You may think it is a dream that is beyond you. Kath is a regular person. She started the program with the same stuff going on that you have in your life. And she just did the food. And she did the food with her family. They didnt buy in in the beginning, they didnt agree or like it. So Kath worked on herself...and took small steps.

When I started off with this food stuff, I thought it was about healing sugar addiction. I had no understanding of the depth of what we were learning. Our community has taught me that the healing that the food brings is way beyond healing sugar addiction. It literally rewires brains and changes relationships. And as those happen, it streams all around and everywhere. I dont talk about that part much. Who would ever believe me?

I am going to put together the stories. I know that many of you are connected on the lists, the forum and in the classes and you hear these changes. But many of you are not. And you may not know, or you may forget or may not believe the power of what we are doing.

Focus on the food. Your life will change! 

Here is the Annie Lane column that brought so many of you here.

Dear Annie: I read with interest the letter from "Weird, Stupid or Selfish?" – whose husband eats all the decorative candy she puts out. His inability to resist sugar resonated with me, as I have sugar sensitivity and have engaged in exactly the same behaviors. I simply could not resist sugar.

After years of struggling and dieting and sitting in work meetings obsessing about the doughnuts instead of the topic at hand, I discovered the book "Potatoes Not Prozac," by Kathleen DesMaisons. Her theory is that people who are sugar sensitive have brains that respond differently to sugar, alcohol and refined carbs and that what they eat and when they eat it have a huge effect on them. She shows how to rebalance blood sugar levels, serotonin and beta-endorphins through small lifestyle changes and offers the latest research, free online support and seven steps to change your life. It is not about willpower; it’s about biochemistry, which her program can slowly improve, just one tiny step at a time, with amazing results.

I have been sugar-free for six years now, lost 25 pounds and never gained any of it back. I can go to dinner with family and don’t even think twice when someone orders dessert. I don’t have cravings, and sugar is no longer on my radar. I am more focused and more tolerant, and the daily mood swings are gone. The woman who wrote to you could suggest to her husband that he check out https:// radiantrecovery.com to see whether he does have sugar sensitivity. At the very least, she would be better informed about this condition. – Happy Without Sugar

Dear Happy Without Sugar: I hadn’t considered that health issues might explain

her husband’s behavior. In fact, I hadn’t even heard of sugar sensitivity.

Thanks for opening my eyes ! to the condition. I’d like to encourage all readers to talk to their doctors if they find themselves compulsively eating sugary snacks.

—Email question to dearannie@creators.com


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