Iím thrilled that you are considering joining YLD ONLINE. As you will learn, this is not just another diet plan Ė itís a comprehensive lifetime membership program, complete with daily support and access to new information.

Your Last Diet! is the first weight-loss membership program especially for sugar-sensitive people, addressing the unique chemistry of your body and brain.

Your Last Diet! pinpoints what you can do to heal your sugar sensitivity and lose weight once and for all. First, you stabilize your system to prepare your body and your brain to lose weight by following a straightforward sequence of seven healing steps. You will be amazed at how profoundly your mood and spirit are affected. In turn, you'll increase your serotonin and beta-endorphin levels and thereby feel in control, confident, and strong. When you're steady from "doing the food," you can start the plan for weight loss. And you WILL lose weight. Come read some success stories and, unlike most weight programs, the results are typical.

During this second stage, you'll learn the correct eating patterns for your body and be able to stick to them. With Your Last Diet!, your self-esteem will improve; you will be able to say "no" and never diet again. By curing the biochemical imbalance first, you can lose weight permanently.


YLD ONLINE is not just another ďdiet book.Ē It is a comprehensive lifetime membership program that provides you with a unique collection of tools to help you succeed. Here is what you get for the $97 membership fee:

  • Daily support
  • Access to Kathleen
  • Nurturing from your sugar sensitive friends all over the world
  • Weekly live chats
  • New information and research


Let us know if you have any questions. My email is radiantkd@mindspring.com




Once you sign up, you will get an electronic manual that provides the following information about the program.


Why the program is designed the way it is.


The Book

Access the YLD modules online.


E-mail Lists

Get support from your community of YLD friends.

What is an E-mail List?

How to Sign up for the Lists

Sending Mail to the List

Message Archive Ė Itís all There!

Removing Yourself from a List

List Guidelines



Scheduled ďliveĒ conversations with Kathleen and other YLD members       

When are the YLD Chats?

All About the YLD Chats

Getting into the Chat Room

How to Chat

Chat Transcripts

Resolving Chat Problems


New Info

Get the latest research and articles.



Help and other useful information is only a mouse click away.



What do LOL, HTH, and all those other funny little codes mean?

 YLD Chats

Each week, you have the opportunity to talk live (by typing, rather than actually talking) with Kathleen and other members of the YLD community through scheduled online chats.


The chats are a lot of fun, and you will come away feeling uplifted and full of new information and inspiration.





For Whom



All YLD Members

Wednesday evenings:
5:30 pm Pacific Time

6:30 pm Mountain Time
7:30 pm Central Time
8:30 pm Eastern Time

One-hour chat facilitated by Kathleen. Covers various topics to inform and inspire you.

YLD Members in Europe

Wednesday evenings:
8 pm GMT
12 pm Pacific Time

1 pm Mountain Time
2 pm Central Time
3-pm Eastern Time

One-hour chat especially for our members in Europe.




To find out what time the chats are in your time zone, use the handy Time Zone Converter at www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html. Put in the date, choose Denver as the city, and then the time of 19/7:00 PM. Then click the "Show Fixed Time" button, and it will give a list of times in different cities around the world.

And now Addon Chat has included the mobile edition module enabling you to use your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android (Google Phone) devices to access the chat room. A full-featured chat client, the mobile edition supports nearly all features available in the standard Java client. Since the mobile edition client is web based, there is nothing for you to download. In place of the normal chat room, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android users will be presented with an icon you may click to launch the mobile edition chat room. In the near future AddonInteractive will be releasing additional mobile clients, including Blackberry device support.



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This program is so powerful and so effective. It WILL WORK for you. It will truly change your life. You will find freedom from the shame and finally put an end to the pain. And you will feel good again... happy, energetic and at peace within yourself.... as you are meant to be. Spend $97 for a lifetime membership and change your life.

Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons
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Our Guarantee

  • If you do it, IT WORKS!
  • If you donít do it, IT WONíT WORK!
  • If you will work the program, you wonít want your money back.
  • If you donít work the program, you donít get your money back.

Simple solutions for sugar sensitivity.
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