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: Hi Nancy
: I had this procedure a few years ago.
: I think the hardest part for me
: was those few low fiber days
: because most of what I eat was on
: the list of things not to eat. I
: can't remember what I ate, but I
: do remember that I called to get
: clarification on what I could and
: couldn't eat, because the
: instructions I received were not
: very clear. I suppose it didn't
: occur to them that people would be
: eating a lot of the things they
: don't want us to eat.

: On the day of the actual fasting, I
: had broth for my meals, and in
: between I sipped water with a
: little apple juice in it. I was
: supposed to mix Miralax into
: Gatorade for the final prep, but
: of course that wasn't an option
: for me. I used a powdered
: electrolyte drink made by Alacer,
: the people who make emergen-c. It
: has dextrose and some other
: sweetener in it, but doesn't taste
: very sweet. Also, if at all
: possible, stay home on the day you
: are fasting, or at least don't
: play anything very demanding. I
: fasted on a Sunday, but my husband
: and I went to Sam's Club and
: suddenly I was totally overwhelmed
: by the noise and people and
: started to shake because my blood
: sugar was low, so he took me home.
: I also find that when fasting,
: sleeping as much as possible or
: just lying in bed watching TV
: (time to catch up on things you
: want to watch) is best because it
: burns less energy.

: When I went for the procedure, I
: brought a protein shake along,
: which my husband gave me when I
: woke up from the procedure. I
: spent the rest of the day resting,
: and had simple food like chicken
: soup. I had no major biochemical
: blips after the procedure, and all
: in all it wasn't as bad as I had
: feared.
: Allison
Thank you for your encouragement, Allison.

Although I am currently revisiting step 3, I actually detoxed many years ago.

On the low fiber days I can have all the cooked veggies and meat that I want. I know I will miss the browns.

On the fasting day, the laxative I am supposed to take contains Polyehtylene Glycol, Magnasweet and sodium saccharin among other ingredients. These are the ones that look like sugars to me.

When I expressed my concern to the nurse, she assured me that she was an RN, and if my blood sugar issues were as bad as I claimed, I should have been hospitalized for them. Obviously didn't understand where I was coming from.

I suppose I will just have to do what the clinic told me and see what happens to my blood sugar. The worst that can happen is that I may have to detox again, right? Thankfully, they have booked me for an early morning appointment, so I don't have to fast as long.

Sorry, I don't mean to be sounding negative. I'm just telling it like it is.