body responses

I wonder if anyone has experienced these body responses; bloating, severe dry mouth, general stiffness and body aches. Are these reactions typical as my body adjusts to the re-introduction of complex carbs? I'm not eating sugar.but I was not eating a significant amount of carbs for a long time and when I began this program in earnest, began eating carbs again. Yes, some simple sugars initially, but not now. I was told I might be going too fast off sugars, but i was in a serious ricochet pattern of reactions with sugars, for instance, thinking I could eat an oatmeal cookie right after a proper meal w/o too intense a reaction, whereas I hadn't had simple sugar in a long time! Wrong! Must have been my addiction talking. So I HAD to cut out all the sugar I had been eating. There are so many variable to consider. Sigh! I worry that I am too old to ever get on the radiant side of all this.I worry that I have seriously damaged my metabolism with my diet over the long term, particularly for the last several years when I was hardly eating any carbs. (That's when I started to freak out).Now my body hurts at least 50% of the time and I spend 50% of my time running interference, managing my physical feelings. Other info is, I notice differences when I don't get in my walking, when I've not consumed adequate water, and of course, when I've not gotten enough to eat(when i'm seriously off schedule). Please, please someone tell me there's light at the end of this tunnel. BTW, I just turned 66, 50 lbs overweight and I'm still on step one.

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