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March 2, 2015

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Ok, I am back in New Mexico. We have 5 inches of snow this morning, so that was a shock to all the little spring flowers. But by afternoon is was pretty much absorbed into the ground, blessed water that it is. I have been doing a lot of catching up and decluttering which feels totally wonderful. Decided to add the clutter class back into the schedule.

So Chef AJ has posted the interview we did on her radio show and I think you will really enjoy listening.

Click here for the link to you tube.

If you like it, please make sure to let her know.

Also, her website is www.EatUnprocessed.com. We do differ in our views about fat and the use of sugars, but man, some of her recipes are just fabulous. I got her book, Unprocessed, and have really enjoyed reading it. I do admit that the idea of a chocolate-covered cherry shake made me smile. I didn’t make it, LOL.

I am working on my first ebook, so stay posted for that.

Plans for Ranch here in Albuquerque are moving forward. It is going to be such an interesting mix of very new people and long timers. It is a challenge for me to design the content for everyone to go away stoked. I think the discussions we are having in Your Last Diet are so exciting that I am going to make it a point to go into the idea of balance, body image and the steps in real depth. For those of you who have come before and wonder if it will be worth it to come again, the answer is a resounding yes!

Many of you hear us talking about *joy dots.* The Amygdala Class is the class to take to solve the mystery of why joy dots have such a huge impact on healing. Many sugar-sensitive people tend towards misery addiction. Joy dots are the antidote.

This class will begin Wednesday, March 4, 2015. Please click on the name of the class and it will take you to the registration page:

The Joyful Amygdala (2 weeks) - a special class on brain function. Learn how your amygdala shapes your feelings and recovery. Learn how to transform fear, reactivity and doom into joyfulness. Once again, Kathleen will take a very complex topic and make it fun and easy to understand.

These classes will begin Wednesday, March 11, 2015. Please click on the name of the class and it will take you to the registration page:

Using Radiant Resources (1 week) - is a free orientation for those of you who are brand new and would like to find your way around all the things we offer in the community. One of our mentors will show you the ropes. Watch for the welcoming email with a link to join the Yahoo list we use as our classroom.
Clearing All That Clutter (2 weeks) - A one week, FOCUSED, quick and dirty support to getting your house, your yard, your closets, your life, your soul all cleaned up. This will be a funny, playful way to look at the scary corners filled with 15 spice jars, cosmetics pots of face cream, tools or old sheets that you might need someday. This is an opportunity to face your stuff and be supported in letting it go.

A number of you have asked me how the classes work. Check the class list page for more information on this. And please go read the questions and answers before you write to me. If you have trouble getting through the process, write the tech forum.

Be sure to visit our Radiant Recovery website and Community Forum regularly.



**Quote From Kathleen **

Rather than responding to problems or roadblocks with tears, you will start anticipating and solving problems.


**Testimonial of the Week **


This morning I had some time in between appointments with DS2, so we went for some brunch. :)

They only had a set menu, but I asked for the full breakfast, explaining that I was gluten free so I didn't want the sausage, black pudding or toast, to which the waiter replied, "Well we can't guarantee the rest will be gluten free," and "Are you happy to pay the full price?" in a grumpy voice. "No problem," I answered with a smile.

Then, 2 seconds later, the chef came out and was really helpful and checked if I could have butter on my mushrooms and was tomato ok and would I like extra egg and bacon oh and some potato rosti in place of toast? "Oh, that will be lovely I replied." I had brought some browns with me, so I gave the potato rosti to DS and ate everything up with a lovely pot of peppermint tea. :)

After we finished I asked the waiter to thank the chef for a delicious breakfast, referring to the fact on how well cooked and very yummy to which he replied, "Well, just so you know, we aren't supposed to do that" in an even grumpier voice. I'm guessing someone hasn't eaten his breakfast this morning LOLOL!

Steph x


**Interesting Bits of Science **

Here is a fun little article in defense of the latte (smile)...The title is *Milk bioactive peptides and beta casomorphins induce mucus release in rat jejunum.* [Trompette A, 2003) The article notes that there is a mu-opioid peptide generated in the intestine when cows are digesting milk protein. This peptide causes the intestines to release mucus which is seen to defend against *noxious agents* in the gut. But interesting for me, they noted that an infusion of beta endorphin caused a dose-dependent release of mucus.

I have often wondered about why there is such a high percentage of sugar-sensitive people with sensitive guts. I wonder if lower beta endorphin means our guts are more vulnerable to *noxious agents.* And it would make sense that as BE increases, our guts seem to heal. So perhaps we can add gut-healing as a benefit to doing the steps.

At the very least, I will continue to enjoy my decaf lattes. (smile)


**Notes from the Forum **

Re: suggestions for snacks

I condense Jo Ellen's egg snack and have egg and hummus mashed in a cup, though carrots is a good one. I just like licking the spoon.

My old-faithful portable snack is almonds. Not a real brown-and-protein, but they are a great emergency thing to have in one's handbag as they last for ages and don't go furry. Soy nuts as well, though I had forgotten about them till you said!

Babybel cheese or those cheese string things are also a bit portable.

At home, a rummage in the fridge around my sandwich shelf will yield some leftover chicken or cold meat, always some sliced ham or delicatessen meat, bean salad or potato salad. And I have always got some sweet potato about, and a necessity of life is green and black olives, so little niblets of those things are good for me.


Don’t forget to stop by the forum and read the wonderful threads unfolding there.


** Radiant Recovery® Store **

A Great Resource for "Doing The Food"

  • How to build a variety of quick meals with the use of my simple baking mix

  • How to use pancakes and waffles as a base for wonderful experimentation

  • How to discover the wonderful world of wraps (whole grain tortillas) to make all sorts of nifty, quick menus

  • How to understand and use a variety of grains

  • The difference between sweet potatoes and yams

  • How to use a quiche to create all sorts of healthy alternative meals

  • How to make substitutes in your own sugar-filled recipes

  • How to use wheat alternatives

  • How to set up a vegetarian food plan

  • How to convert your daily allotment of protein grams to ounces of food

  • Designing Menus that work for you

  • How to use protein powders to increase your proteins

  • Tips for traveling including what to put in the radiant cooler

  • Eating on the run

  • Nutritional analysis of each recipe
Plus 120 of the most wonderful recipes in the world.

Each cookbook will cost $16.95/$15.29 plus shipping and handling

Please send questions and suggestions. I love hearing from you and truly want to help you do your program better.


**Radiant YLD **

I am going to write about what is happening with YLD in this week’s article, so scroll on down for that.

If you would like to join us in YLD, come find us here


**Radiant Living **

Radiant Living is designed for those of you who are settled and solid with the steps and are shifting into *life* stuff. Relationships, passion, jobs, being your big self, dealing with family, deaths, transitions, or all of the above. We have a wonderful time chatting each week and cover these topics with joy and humor.

If you would like to join us in Radiant Living, come find us here


**YLD as an Unfolding Process **
Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.

When I originally published Your Last Diet!, I saw it as a *how to* manual for losing weight. When I wrote it, I had lost maybe 60 pounds and maintained that weight for about 10 years. I did the food plan outlined in it, lost the weight, and then essentially ate the way we have all talked about in doing the steps.

After the publication of Potatoes Not Prozac and The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Program, I gained 10 pounds with each *tour* - i.e., a ten-day whirlwind with minimal sleep, super early mornings, late nights and very wonky food. I just sort of figured that it was par for the course, and really didn't think anything about it.

Menopause came at the same time I started building the online community. This meant I stopped regular exercise. I ended a relationship, moved into a new house, wrote 2 more books, built a business….your basic stress events. My weight crept right back on up, as such things are wont to happen. What I had done in the past to lose weight stopped working, so I started a process with all of you to sort out what we needed to do. I knew in my heart of hearts that there were some things that YLD did not address.

And I was listening to you as you all worked your program. You went through the steps, maybe lost some weight, but mostly felt fabulous but stayed chubby, which was frustrating for all of us. So we started an exploration. We added exercise. I noticed that intense aerobics made this worse, that weights enhanced things. I went and learned why. I also did several training programs to explore first hand what it meant to be *fit*.

I put together a plan that included all the variables that I had learned on my own weight journey - omega 3 fatty acids, potassium/sodium balance, the role of fats, meditation to reduce stress and cortisol, fitness for sugar-sensitive people to achieve metabolic burn. We challenged the obesity myth (successfully), we did emotional healing. We kept feeling better and better. Recovery grew, and the readiness to do whatever it takes to achieve the *best body* weight for us.

Some people went off to try some of the energy diet plans. Some did intense gym thingies and felt fabulous for a while. A number lost a lot of weight. A number went over to OA HOW and weighed and measured and reported in daily. A number crashed and burned and went back to whites, sugar and alcohol. Some returned here and reported what they learned.

In the midst of all these, a whole group of people stayed in, took classes, came to chats, and stayed with a willingness and hope that held and bolstered me while I kept exploring, reading, testing, thinking. I got to the place where I knew that despite the seduction of *no grains, no browns, and a return to 10,000 years ago,* we had to sort out the browns story. It was key. I identified the people who felt fabulous, lost weight, and were not fretting. And I listened deeply.

In many ways it was like how I listened to the drunks in my treatment center before PnP. There, in your voices, a picture started to emerge of *best carbs* and how we would get there. Last week at chat, that would be the YLD chat, I said, *ok, I know what the plan is.* And I outlined the continuum from start to finish. It includes healing the addiction, getting fit, being still inside, healing shame, finding humor, living in a joy state and functionally making a plan to lose weight. Everyone in the room felt it. It was like being present when Neil Armstrong stepped off the ship onto the moon. A moment in time when things worked. All that time, all that work converged.

Now, the most incredible thing is that the newbies were not freaked out. They *got it* - they understood that it is a process, and that if you try to circumvent parts of it, it won’t work. If you try to hurry or do the end first, it simply becomes another diet failure. But if you do it, as unfolded, you get the pay off you never dared dream of. Even more remarkable was the fact that we have a number of people who look *slim* from the start. They discovered that they were caught in a web of something called *restriction* which is just as insidious and painful as the web of binge eating, or sugar eating. And they have found that now they can tolerate a different sense of body, without the fear or the shame or the perfectionism of doing it right and by rules.

Here is the thing. When I went back to school after I had the knowing about healing sugar addiction, I was simply gathering the *evidence* for what I had seen and heard…I had the clinical evidence, and wanted the research support for it, slim as it was at that time. I now know that we have crafted a weight program for *best body* that is unparalleled. I know that I have to live into it myself so the *world* believes me. I am claiming my *best body* which may be quite different from the cultural myth about what type of body means you are smart and credible. In chat I asked if anyone, ever, looked at Maya Angelou and said, *OMG, she is fat.* You know the answer is, of course, never.

Eventually there will be a new book, maybe YLD in Practice, or something like that. While we are writing it, we will be living it. Anyway, thank you all for being a part of it.


Thanks for reading! If you know someone who could benefit from this, feel free to forward it to them.

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