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Radiant Recovery

Radiant Recovery®  Alcohol Treatment

Thinking About Alcohol?

Are you tired of looking good on the outside and feeling bad on the inside?

Are you concerned that alcohol is creating problems for you? Perhaps you know you are an alcoholic but just can’t stop drinking?

Do all your friends drink? Is alcohol so much a part of your work and your life that you cannot imagine not having it? Are you confused because you are smart and intuitive but you can’t lick this?


You probably have tried to cut down, or stop or restrict the times you drink. But you keep drifting back to old ways. And it is starting to concern you.

Or you know you have a problem and you are ready to find a solution. We can help. You are not alone.

Radiant Recovery® is a unique treatment program. All of our current work has grown out of our original experience running a highly successful alcohol and drug program in Northern California. We took a good traditional rehab and turbocharged it with the addition of a nutritional intervention specifically designed to treat the cause of your problem, not just the symptoms. We believe you inherited a special body chemistry called Sugar Sensitivity.  Sugar sensitivity is biochemical and sets up addiction and alcoholism.  What and when you eat can add to your problem in a profound way. If you do not balance the chemistry, getting and staying sober is very, very hard.

Sugar-sensitive people are often highly creative, very intuitive. You have great insight and the ability to come to the crux of complex problems. You may be a top performer with a high level of achievement.

Or you may be unraveling and feeling as if what you present on the outside is nothing like the terror and overwhelm you feel on the inside. You also can be moody, impulsive, angry, fatigued, restless, overwhelmed and stressed out. You are driven by cravings to fix feeling bad. So you drink. But what you think is helping you cope with the problems, is creating them.

Sugar Sensitivity Sets You Up

Sugar sensitivity has three parts - volatile blood sugar, low beta-endorphin, and low serotonin. The scientific literature speaks about the relation of these to alcoholism. They combine to create a physical vulnerability to using and drinking. You cannot will or medicate your way to healing.

You already know this because you have been trying to stop and it does not work. And you may have tried AA, but you are still depressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Or you cannot stay sober.

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A New Type of Treatment

Traditional treatment does not heal the cause. Alcoholics Anonymous does not address the “allergy” of the body that leads certain people to be vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. AA provides a proven support to getting and staying clean and sober. We support and affirm your participation in AA and we believe that Radiant Recovery® can add to it.

Radiant Recovery® changes why you are depressed, anxious or angry. Let us help you to change your life. We change your biochemistry through a specific intervention that changes your diet, takes out sugar, and restores your neurotransmitters. We create a chemical balance that allows you to use the support systems of recovery. This is way more than symptom relief or behavioral training. And as you get sober and stable, we teach you new life skills. This is profound, life-changing recovery.


Radiant Recovery® has unparalleled success. The combination of biochemical healing AND 12-step commitment is a mighty package. Ninety-two percent complete the program, get sober, and stay sober. It significantly enhances the likelihood of getting and staying sober.


Radiant Recovery® uses the 7 steps outlined by Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D. in her book Potatoes Not Prozac. Adding the biochemical component to recovery means there are minimal withdrawal symptoms, no cravings, no white knuckling and no post-acute withdrawal syndrome. You feel good and able to participate in treatment.

The neurochemicals balance created by “doing the food” protects you from relapse.

Your self-esteem will skyrocket, you will become functional again and you will get your life back.

Your Treatment Plan

While Radiant Recovery® no longer provides an outpatient treatment facility, we do provide phone and Skype consultation to alcoholics and their families from all over the world. We can assess the severity of your problem and work with you to find and choose the best supports in your local community. We can help you identify the level of treatment that is most suited to your alcoholism. Most importantly, we can teach you how to integrate the 7 steps of “doing the food” into whatever other resources you choose to use.

Our bias is that when Radiant Recovery® is added to a proactive involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous, you get the best of both worlds. If you have concerns about AA or feel that it cannot work for you, please call and let us talk with you about your reservations.

We also work with family members to understand how best to handle alcoholism in a loved one.

You may call (505) 345-3737 or email for the fee schedule. Click here for more information about a private consultation with Kathleen.




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